Pandemic Survival

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Pandemic Survival is the unique tournament format of Pandemic, and the first cooperative-style tournament in tabletop gaming.


Pandemic set the bar for cooperative gaming when it was first released in 2008. Since then, the game’s unique premise and compelling design have attracted a passionate community and led to several expansions, standalone games, rethemed editions, and even a full trilogy of Legacy games. Since 2015, players from around the world have competed in Pandemic Survival tournaments from the local level to an international championship.



What is Pandemic Survival?

In Pandemic Survival, teams of two compete simultaneously to win the game or be the last team standing. Everyone’s setup is the same: roles, starting board setup, and preset decks. However, based on your team’s choices, your individual game will play out differently from other players’. Turns also have a time limit, which means you must act quickly and efficiently to discover the winning strategy.



Each year's tournament season begins in the first quarter of the year with Regional tournaments across the globe. Regional winners will move on to their country's National Championship, and the season culminates in the World Championship.




How to Participate


To find an official Regional qualifying event:

  • Ask your local game store or convention if they are hosting a Pandemic Survival event.
  • Check the calendar on our Events page.
  • Check the events calendar on the Pandemic and Z-Man Games Facebook pages.

To compete in a Regional event:

  • Register in teams of exactly 2 players. You will work together—but against other teams—to win the game or outlast the competition.
  • Each team must bring 1 copy of the current season's Pandemic System game (Reign of Cthulhu in 2020). 
  • Refer to the Pandemic Survival Player Guide for more information.


To host an official Regional qualifying event:

  • U.S. Only: Indicate your interest by filling out the form on the current season page. Your Pandemic Survival contact will follow up to confirm and help you purchase kits.
  • Outside the U.S.: Reach out to the contact in your region. Refer to the table below.
    If your region is not listed and you have questions about your territory, please contact [email protected].

Note: Your event is not official until confirmed by your Pandemic Survival contact. There are a limited number of spaces for Regional events, and we will try to accommodate as many requests as possible to hold events in a variety of locations.


Region Contact
Canada [email protected]
France [email protected]
Germany [email protected]
Italy [email protected]
Netherlands [email protected]
Nordics [email protected]
Spain [email protected]
United Kingdom [email protected]







Official Tournament Guides

Player Guide

Organizer Guide

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