19 May 2016 StoryLine

The Fairy Tale of your Dreams

StoryLine: Fairy Tales is Available Now

Once upon a time... in a far off cave, an evil wolf ruled the surrounding wood. The cursed torch that lit the wolf’s cave was full of dark magic. While it held great power, the torch also made the wolf very timid, for he feared to leave its powerful light. For years, the villain would transform the innocent people who passed through his domain into simple stones, so they could not find him and take his light away.

Dive into the untold stories of Fairy Tales, the first installment of the StoryLine series, on sale now. The innovative Storyline games introduce new ways to cooperatively tell stories and think outside the box. By combining Narrator cards and Story elements, you can create a completely unique tale every time. With dozens of characters, places, features, objects, and actions to fill your story, StoryLine: Fairy Tales will provide the framework to tell your own fantastical tale, inspired by the classics you know and love. 

One day... an unusual piglet was born to a small and wise family, just down the stream that flowed through the wood. A prophecy carved into an ancient bone foretold that this piglet, though small and young, would one day tame the wolf. Hearing the news, and fearing for the loss of his magical torch, the wolf sent a scared, but loyal, mouse friend to follow the piglet and stop him by all means necessary. 

In this enchanting game of creatures and magic, royalty and adventure, each player gets a chance to contribute to the narrative or choose where it goes next. With each Narrator card, a different player gets to choose the submitted Story card that moves the story forward. The cards you submit can be heroic, tragic, or comedic. They can make complete sense or throw a twist into the narrative. And as you tell the story, you can embellish the plot on your card, turning it into a momentous event within the tale you tell.

Luckily...the heroic piglet managed to dodge the mouse, finding safety in a poor farmer’s chicken coup. There, she met a band of rebels, led by a daring cat. Together, they made a plan. First, the sneaky cat would seek out the villain and lure him from his cave. Then the hero would sneak into the cave where she would put out the torch, turning the wolf into an ordinary stone himself. So the land was freed from the wolf’s rule, and our piglet hero was declared Ruler of the Forest. And so began an age of peace throughout the land…


StoryLine: Fairy Tales is a great game for storytellers in need of inspiration, children learning to read, or your friends and family game night! Try to tell as close to your favorite tale, or make up a wild adventure of sick genies, poisoned beans, and foul-mouthed crows. Create characters, stories, and memories in this playful game experience of trials, triumphs, and tales!

Tell your tale today—StoryLine: Fairy Tales is on sale now at your local retailer!