11 October 2017 Bastion

Solutions to the Second Bastion Puzzles

Check your progress with the solutions to the second round of Bastion puzzles

I see that you have returned. Does this mean you have found the strength in yourself to master spellcasting and pass the tests? Before we can move ahead, we must examine the past. Let’s review the before continuing with your training. In the third test, you had three turns to attack all the enemies.

This puzzle requires you to use the power your fallen enemies give you. You must begin your first turn by channeling the green source by placing one purple mana on it to receive three green mana. Once you have this valuable mana, it’s time to move to the middle district. Then all you have to do is spend four green mana to attack the Forest Warrior. Defeating this enemy will give you a fireball spell with one power. 

Your second turn opens with you moving to the left district. Once there, you should channel the black source by placing one black mana and taking three black mana. This gives you the mana needed to attack the Dark Beast, gaining the speed spell from it.

During your last turn, you finally want to use the spells you have acquired up to this point. You begin by moving to the middle district. Once there, you can use the speed spell to move again into the right district. You need more mana, so you channel the tower here by placing one black mana on the tower and taking the three purple mana from the sources. Lastly, spend five purple mana to attack the Swamp Cavalry, plus your fireball spell to reduce its strength by one and finish it off. 

Hopefully this puzzle has proven the value of spells. They were able to help you get from one side of the bastion to the other and attack an enemy you didn’t have enough mana to defeat otherwise. Spells are powerful on their own, but can be even more useful when combined with others. And always remember that, even though you can only move, channel, or attack once per turn, you can perform these actions in any order you like. Only a true warrior can weave casting spells into taking these basic actions.

Now let’s move on to the next puzzle. As you recall, you had three turns to attack all the enemies.

This puzzle is more difficult than the last, but follows the same principles. You begin by channeling the tower in your district, placing one blue mana on it and taking the two black mana and one blue mana from the district’s sources. Next, you move to the middle district and attack the Dark Mage by spending five black mana. Defeating the Dark Mage converts it into an alchemy spell that you can use later.

You need more mana moving forward, so the first action of your second turn is to channel the yellow source by placing a blue mana on it. This will grant you three yellow mana. Next, you can cast your alchemy spell, allowing you to spend your three yellow mana and a single blue mana to attack the Fire Warrior. Defeating the Fire Warrior converts it into a fireball spell. You then want to move to the citadel.

At the beginning of the third and final turn you channel the citadel. You don’t have to place any mana to do this, and you receive the two blue mana and one red mana from the towers in return. Now you need to get into position, so you move to the left district. Finally, you spend the three blue mana and your fireball spell to attack the Mountain Warrior.

How did you do? This puzzle spread the spells across two turns and required you to channel the citadel. This form of channeling is too often overlooked and can help you in the right moment. You would do well to remember it.

Your training is progressing nicely, but you’re not ready yet. There are far worse enemies out there than what you’ve seen so far and you need to be prepared to face them. Keep practicing. Your training continues soon!

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