12 October 2017

Welcome to the Junggle

Bruno Faidutti and Anja Wrede's Junggle is available now!

Let’s go on a safari! We’re bound to see some beautiful animals on our trip. Whether they’re big or small, the jungle is a great place for all these exotic creatures to live and play. But no matter how big they are, sometimes the jungle can be very scary. Every animal is scared of another, and they’ll scurry away at the first sign of their appearance.   

Grab your gear. It’s time to head deep into the heart of the jungle and explore the relationships between the animals. Bruno Faidutti and Anja Wrede’s Junggle is available now!

A Walk on the Wild Side

Junggle is an exciting series of five unique mini-games that invite you into the jungle to live alongside the animals. Using the same deck of cards and the animal wheel, the games take you on a wild ride through these creatures’ native habitat. Each animal on the wheel is scared of the animal immediately before it: hyenas are scared of crocodiles, snakes are afraid of hyenas, and mice are afraid of snakes. But elephants, the largest animal, are scared of mice.

Using the animal wheel as a foundation, each of the five mini-games goes off in its own direction. You might frantically search for the animal that is not scared of the others, or you could attempt to anticipate what animals will be scared off by the next card in the deck. Featuring engaging rules and quick play times, Junggle is an ideal option for parties looking for as much variety as possible.

Jungle Party

Now that the animals are coming out to play, you can finally catch a glimpse of them at your favorite local game store. But you never know what’s going to happen when they all get together. Explore the possibilities with Junggle, available now!