16 October 2017 Bastion

Bastion Puzzles: Advanced Enemies

Learn how to deal with advanced enemies as our series of Bastion puzzles continues!

Well look who it is: our new recruits. I bet you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourselves. “I’ve passed four tests,” you say. “I’m almost ready to become a true defender of the Bastion.” Well, you're a long way away, I'll tell you.

If you’re standing on that wall, you’re going to face all manner of nasty beasts. Not every one of them is going to simply try and bash down the front door, either. They’re smart. They don’t play by the normal rules. You need to be prepared.

I’m not going to tell you rookies about all the enemies you’ll face. We don’t want to clean up any puddles. But I will tell you about a couple particularly nasty beasties. These vile creatures will haunt your dreams and make you wish you had never signed up for this job. The good news is that more powerful enemies grant you more powerful spells when they're defeated. Spells like missile and teleport. Trust me, against these enemies, these spells are going to be your new best friends.


First up, we have fliers. These baddies have wings. Walls mean nothing to them. They just fly right over and take up residence in a district square. Even worse, while they’re in a district, they keep you from channeling the sources or the tower in that district. You'll need to eliminate them if you want to get at the precious mana you find there.

Remember those spells I mentioned earlier? Well, fliers become missile spells. With this spell, you can form an attack into a ranged projectile and choose an enemy on any tile or at any wall section as your target.

Next, let’s talk about shapeshifters. Tough buggers. They combine with whatever creatures are next to them to create something even more vile. A shapeshifter’s strength is equal to the total strength of all the enemies adjacent to them. Think you can just take out all of its buddies and you’ll be fine? Think again. If there are no enemies adjacent to it, its strength is nine. This isn’t something you can just brute force. You need a plan.

Luckily, shapeshifters give you the powerful teleport spell when you defeat them. You can use it when a hero could take an action to move  one enemy at a wall section to any wall section. Just hurl the little blighters wherever you please.

All right. Do you think you’re ready to face a new class of enemy? Let’s begin the next round of puzzles. You’ve got three turns to attack all the enemies. Let’s see what you’ve got.

If you survived that, it’s time for a bigger challenge. Let’s see how you do against a shapeshifter. You’ve got three turns. Attack all the enemies. Go. 

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