Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 Gen Con Secrets Revealed

Discover the secrets buried our Gen Con preview of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2!

Gen Con is one of the marquee events in the gaming community where publishers get to show off their latest games to the public, sometimes for the very first time.

This year was no exception for us at Z-Man Games. At Gen Con 50, we had the pleasure of sharing a demo of the upcoming Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 with the world for the first time. Players who entered the game’s quarantine tent where able to create their own character and play through the prologue mission. Not only did these fortunate players get a taste of what to expect when Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is released on October 26, they also got a unique souvenir: their character cards.

What they didn’t know, however, was that those character cards held two secrets that only the most eagle-eyed of players would notice. The first helped players enter a special contest. A message written in Morse code was hidden around the outside edge of the character card that, when translated, read “For a chance to win a copy of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, please visit”

Whoever was able to crack this code found themselves on a special page of our website that allowed them to enter to win a copy of the game. Many entered, but only four were randomly chosen to win the coveted prize.

The other secret was hidden on the character card’s exposure track. The first scratch-off space on this track always contained a scar, but things got interesting after that. Continuing to scratch off all the spaces along the track would reveal GPS coordinates to four different locations. One of these was Roseville, Minnesota, the home base of Z-Man Games. Another pointed to the greater Atlanta area, which Pandemic fans will recognize as the location of the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The other two sets of coordinates point to cities in California and Massachusetts. What's special about these locations? They're the hometowns of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 designers Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau! 

Did you preview the Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 at Gen Con? Were you able to crack the codes? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.