A New Year Begins

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is on sale now!

Experience the tension and pulse pounding thrills of a new year of surprises, setbacks, and fleeting victories. Take part in an ever-evolving story filled with shocking twists and dramatic revelations. Play out your own story. When it’s all over, only one thing is certain: The world will never be the same again.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is now available. Your mission to save humanity begins today!

Experience an Epic Campaign

The standalone follow-up to one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 combines an engrossing storyline with an immersive campaign to create an experience unlike any other. You and up to three friends enter a world devastated by a terrible plague and quickly get swept up in a struggle that will determine the fate of humanity.

To survive, you must work together, utilizing your unique abilities to keep the world going while searching the globe for information about the plague. As you do, a harrowing tale of survival unfolds on your tabletop. Each passing month brings new twists and turns as you overcome obstacles and unlock new challenges. Progressing through the story and meeting certain conditions grants you access to eight sealed packages and six top secret dossiers filled with additional components, rules, and hidden information. Each new piece expands your game and can take it in bold new directions.

What’s more, your efforts from one game to the next directly impact your world more than ever before. Save a city from the plague and its population will flourish. If that same city is ever infected, however, its population slowly withers away. Similarly, if you expose yourself to the plague, you run the risk of carrying a debilitating scar for the rest of the campaign. No game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is the same as the last, so make your actions count.   

The Right Team for the Job

At the beginning of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, the world is a memory of what it once was. Mass communication systems have been disabled. Transportation networks are down. All that remains is a loose network of the last remaining major cities. With the world a shadow of its former self, it has fallen to you and your team to keep this grid from succumbing completely.

Operating from floating stations known as havens, you must deliver desperately-needed supplies to these cities as you seek to gain a foothold on the mainland. To complete this mission, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 gives you the freedom to develop your characters as you see fit. You might become an Instructor, making it easier for you to pass knowledge on to your teammates. Or you could choose to be an Administrator, coordinating efforts amongst the various workers on the havens and the outside world. You have plenty of jobs to choose from, each of which helps you contribute to the team in your own way. 

No matter the role you choose, however, you’ll face some serious challenges as you progress through each new game. At the beginning of the campaign, your leaders have gone missing and your supplies are slowly trickling away. It’s now up to you to make do with what you have in order to keep the grid up and running.   

To make matters worse, the mainland is a mysterious place fraught with danger. The plague is still out there and remains a looming threat to all you do. Every crate of food, tools, and medicine you deliver helps you and your fellow survivors keep it at bay, but the Hollow Men — roving bands of savages bent on your elimination — constantly disrupt your supply lines, tearing down what you build and stealing what you offer. Hard choices will have to be made if you want any hope of surviving this calamity.

You Are Humanity’s Last Hope

The stakes have never been higher. If something isn’t done now, the world may never recover. Head into the unknown and embark on an epic quest to save the world with Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, available now!