16 November 2017 Bastion

Begin Your Defense

Bastion is on sale now!

The enemy has arrived at the gates! You are the last line of defense against the endless hordes of monsters that now line the outer walls of the citadel. Mount the walls and muster your courage. Bastion is on sale now!

The Last Stand

Combining aspects of popular tower defense video games with the tactile feel of a cooperative board game, Bastion puts you in the middle of an all-out onslaught from beasts, archmages, dragons, and all manner of legendary creatures. The tension mounts every game as new foes arrive and slowly advance along the bastion’s walls.

To face this threat, Bastion unites one to four heroes in a desperate struggle against the forces of darkness. During the game, you become one of the few with the ability to harness the power of the magical sources found throughout the fortress and repel the invaders back from whence they came. With new monsters arriving every turn, you must travel around the castle districts, generate mana from sources, and attack enemies along the wall. Above all, Bastion is a cooperative adventure, so you must work together with your teammates if you want any hope of surviving this assault.

Face the Horde

Every game of Bastion pits you and your friends against a unique deck of enemy cards that threatens to tear the city’s gates asunder. As these cards are revealed, you must do your best to thin their ranks by spending your mana to defeat them before they fill the walls and overrun your defenses. But this is no easy task. The enemy army contains a wide variety of beasts, each of which has its own color and cost to attack.

On top of this, higher ranking enemies have special abilities that can disrupt your plans and force you to adopt new strategies. Some swoop over the walls, cutting off your access to precious sources of mana, while others protect the other enemies in their district from harm. The most fearsome enemies combine these abilities into the ultimate challenge.

Fortunately, defeating enemies converts their lifeforce into powerful spells that can help you turn the tides of battle. You might cast a powerful missile spell to attack an enemy from the other side of the board, or you could bring that enemy to you using a teleport spell. It is up to you to effectively combine the basic actions of moving, channeling, and attacking with your spells to defeat the enemies arrayed against you.

Save the City

The citadel has never faced a threat this grave and, as new monsters arrive, the situation becomes more and more dire. Rally your heroes and protect the city at all costs! 

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