8 November 2017 Gaia Project

Prepare for Lift Off

Pre-order your copy of Gaia Project and check out the game's rules today! 

Your journey across the stars begins soon. Fresh off of making its debut at the SPIEL fair in Essen, Germany, Gaia Project is set to be released in North America in December. The game was a hit at Essen, with show attendees forming record-breaking lines to get their copies. All in all, nearly 1,500 copies of Gaia Project were sold during the show at the Feuerland booth, one of Z-Man’s key German partners.

Now, you can secure your copy of the follow-up to the wildly popular Terra Mystica before release. We’re happy to announce that pre-orders for Gaia Project are now available through our website !

Gaming on a Galactic Scale

In Gaia Project, you control one of fourteen factions striving to peacefully colonize the galaxy. The planets you discover along the way contain valuable resources that can be used to further your goals, but each faction has environmental needs to survive on a planet. You’ll need to terraform inhospitable planets before you can gain access to their resources.

Every game of Gaia Project offers many possibilities for spreading your civilization across the cosmos, from investing in new technologies to forging groups of planets into powerful federations. And, thanks to the game’s modular board, you can explore a new galaxy every time you play.

Building a galactic civilization takes careful planning and, in anticipation of the game’s release, we have made the rules available on the game’s page . Use them as you prepare to take your first steps into the cosmos and keep checking back for more news about Gaia Project in the coming weeks.

The vast galaxy will soon be yours to explore. Can you lead your faction across the stars? Prepare to set off into the unknown with Gaia Project

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