8 November 2017

Join Us for our 2017 Holiday Sale!

Find great deals on your favorite Z-Man products

Season’s greetings from Z-Man Games! The holidays are rapidly approaching, and this year, you can check the gamers in your life off your list during our Holiday Sale!

To celebrate the season, we’re offering fantastic deals on some classic favorites that are sure to please the whole family. The sale begins at 11 A.M. on November 8th and only lasts until November 20th, so be sure to and pick out your favorite games as soon as possible. You never know when the hottest items will sell out!

U.S. retailers that wish to purchase Holiday Sale games to sell in their stores should contact [email protected]

Gifts for Everyone

From telling spooky stories to unraveling mysteries via time travel, the sale is full of imaginative games to suit every gamer’s taste.

Fans of high-stakes tactical combat can spend their holidays immersed in conflict between the emerging factions with Earth Reborn. Set in the post-apocalyptic New Earth, this board game puts players in control of diverse squads of characters as they work through rich story-based missions. Players will duke it out with fearsome mechs, terrifying reanimated corpses, and more as they vie to determine the fate of this new world. Each scenario places players right in the middle of the action, allowing them to learn the rules progressively, while the highly modular board lets players use their own creativity to design scenarios.

We also bring a hit game of deduction and intrigue to the Holiday Sale with Tragedy Looper. Here, a team of Protagonists continually loop back in time to uncover the secrets put into play by the nefarious Mastermind. With each loop, the Protagonists obtain new information that gets them closer to the truth… but they don’t have any time to waste. There’s only a limited number of loops before the Mastermind’s plans come to fruition. With the Holiday Sale, you have a rare opportunity to pick up Tragedy Looper and its two expansions, Midnight Circle and Cosmic Evil, at discounted prices.

Among the other selections available during the Holiday Sale, players can become Edo-period merchants in Traders of Osaka, weave spooky tales fit for any campfire with Scary Tales, fend off an alien attack in Apocalypse Chaos, or build the miniature seascape they’ve always wanted with Aquarium.

Those few games listed above aren’t all of our games available for you and your family during the Holiday Sale. Whether you’re looking for a present for a friend or a quick stocking stuffer, our webstore is the perfect place to complete your holiday shopping. Happy playing!