30 November 2017 Smile

The Critters are on the Loose!

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Deep in the dark forest, cute critters gather ‘round, waiting for you to give them what they crave. Some of these devious creatures will try to fool you. Some will butt heads and scurry back into the trees. Others will stay no matter what. Gather your fireflies and see if you can lure the best ones to your side. Smile is available now!

The Hunt Begins

Smile invites three to five players to enter the woods and hunt for the cute critters that live there. Tempted by the juicy fireflies that you carry, the critters just might come and join you…if you offer them more fireflies than your friends, that is!

Lurking in Smile’s deck of fifty cards are critters ranging in value from -5 to 6 and it’s up to you to gather the group worth the most points. During each of the game’s ten rounds, you have the chance to attract valuable critters to your side by bidding your fireflies. Placing fireflies on the critter with the lowest value will keep you in the running for the more valuable critters, but these tasty bugs go quickly if you’re not careful. You can always back out of a round and collect a card with at least one firefly on it. The fireflies you collect this way are yours to spend in later rounds, but the cards you take this way could deduct points from your score. Play carefully to make sure you have enough fireflies when you really need them!

Pick Your Pets

With simple rules and adorable art, Smile appeals to the entire family while opening up all sorts of possibilities. You never know what cards are coming out of the deck each round, giving you the opportunity to subtly manipulate your opponents and get your hands on the best critters. Smart players will drive up the bidding on lower-value critters and manage their risk by avoiding the critters that subtract points from their score. In the end, only you can decide when to go big and when to hold back and gain more fireflies.

No matter what, you’ll be surrounded by a group of critters at the end of a game and there are plenty of ways to gather the best ones beyond bidding fireflies. For example, having two critters with the same color in the upper left corner of their card removes them both from the game. Grabbing two of these cards could help you eliminate your cards worth negative points, but be careful! You could just as easily get stuck with critter that forces you to discard your most valuable cards. To win, you must outsmart both the critters and your opponents!


Cute critters peer out of the darkness, hungering for your fireflies. These creatures may be adorable, but some are tricky. Pay close attention and bring home the cutest collection of critters in Smile, on sale now!

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