14 December 2017 Terra Mystica

The Galaxy is Yours

Gaia Project is on sale now!

Your journey across the stars begins now. Having mastered every corner of your home world, your people now look to the skies and the many unclaimed planets that wait in the far reaches of the galaxy. The environments of many of these new worlds will inevitably be incompatible with your species’ unique physiology. But this is no hindrance to you. Rather than slowly adapting to new climes, you possess the power to bend the very fabric of planets to your will, creating new frontiers for you to explore. Boldly build your galactic civilization. Gaia Project is available now!   

Galactic Ambitions

The follow-up to the acclaimed Terra Mystica, Gaia Project gives you the power to develop your faction from a single planet into a galactic power. To do so, you’ll manage a diverse economy of resources, including ore, credits, knowledge, and power that allow you to develop your faction and extend your reach farther into the galaxy. Building structures on planets grows your empire and generates additional resources, researching new technology increases your species’ capabilities, and terraforming exotic worlds opens up even more planets for you to colonize. In the end, it’s up to you to choose the path that will best grow your fledgling civilization.

But you are not alone in this endeavor. Whether you are playing against human opponents or the artificial Automa in the solo game, you’ll come across other factions who also seek the many planets scattered across the galaxy. With these competing factions after the same planets and resources, you must devise a plan to spread yourself across the galaxy more successfully than your rivals. You could expand near other factions, which might give you power and trader partners, but box you in. Or you could seek solitude in the far corners of the galaxy where you can expand more freely. In the end, the best developed civilization wins!

A Galaxy of Possibilities

From the very start, Gaia Project is brimming with variety. The game’s board consists of modular tiles that can be rearranged based on the number of players, their experience level, or however you see fit. This lets you explore a new galaxy with a unique arrangement of planets with every new game of Gaia Project.  

Once your galaxy has been constructed and you’re ready to begin, you have even more options to choose from. The game includes a diverse group of fourteen alien factions for you to command, each of which has its own unique strengths and abilities. You might play as the Lantids, for example, and have the ability to build mines on planets already colonized by your opponents. Or you can lead the Hadsch Hallas and spend credits rather than power to gain additional resources.

No matter what faction you control, however, your faction will only be able to colonize planets that meet its environmental needs. But this doesn’t mean you’re completely cut off from other planets. To reach them and their precious resources, you can invest time and resources into terraforming planets to make them habitable. Choose your worlds carefully and your march across the galaxy will continue unabated.

The Galaxy Awaits

The time has come for you to leave the constraints of your home world behind and reach for the stars. Out in the harsh vacuum of space, only the most cunning survive. Forge your galactic empire in Gaia Project, on sale now!