21 December 2017 Pandemic: Rising Tide

Rise to the Challenge

Pandemic: Rising Tide is available now!

Prepare for a battle with the sea itself. With the threat of flooding from North Sea storms and overflowing rivers constantly looming over the Netherlands, you and your team have been chosen to construct a modern hydraulic system that will keep the ever-encroaching waters at bay. To succeed, you’ll first need to control the flow of water and keep it from spilling too far across the countryside. But storms are brewing and the sea is restless. Gather your team and fight the tide. Pandemic: Rising Tide is on sale now!

When the Levee Breaks

Combining elements of the classic cooperative Pandemic experience with unique new mechanics, Pandemic: Rising Tide immerses you in a thrilling battle against the elements. During the game, you join the long line of Dutch pump operators, port masters, hydraulic engineers, and other water control experts who have kept the Netherlands safe from flooding for centuries.

It is your ultimate goal to modernize the system of dikes and wind-powered pumps that protect the country from flooding by building four modern hydraulic structures. But it takes time to collect the cards necessary to construct them. In the meantime, you must prevent disaster by pumping water out of flooded areas, putting up dikes to control water flow, and building ports to facilitate travel.

In this environment, there’s no telling when storms could hit and even the smallest amount of excess water can cause major problems. Rather than disease cubes that only outbreak after building up in a single location, the water cubes of Pandemic: Rising Tide quickly flow from regions with higher water levels into adjacent regions with low water levels.

You lose the game if the flooding becomes too widespread, so you must make the best use of their unique abilities if they hope to succeed. Each of the seven roles included with Pandemic: Rising Tide has their own approach to flood control that mesh together in different ways. The Director, for example, can quickly move other players to regions containing water cubes, while the Sanitation Engineer has the ability to pluck cards out of the discard pile. Only teamwork will give you the chance to stem the tide!

New Directions

Although Pandemic: Rising Tide remains faithful to the core concept of the series, it also introduces many innovative elements that create an all-new Pandemic experience. The game’s water cubes behave much differently than disease cubes and you are given new tools such as Pumping Stations to deal with this threat. These structures allow you to passively remove water cubes from the board at the end of every player’s turn, helping keep the situation from escalating too quickly.

But the new tools come hand-in-hand with new challenges. In addition to building the four hydraulic structures, the game also includes twelve objective cards that provide even more variety. These cards give you a variety of tasks that will challenge even the best water control teams and can be used in any combination to create missions customized to your play group. Set your goals and save the Netherlands!  

Storms on the Horizon

Storms threaten the Netherlands once again. It’s time to test your guile against Mother Nature herself. Will your efforts be enough to reclaim your land from the rising tide?

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