7 December 2017 Kingsburg

Take Your Post

The revised edition of Kingsburg is available now!

The realm of Kingsburg is under attack! Armies of orcs, barbarians, zombies, and all manner of foul beast lurk just across the border, waiting to strike. To counter this threat, you have been appointed governor of a border province by King Tritus himself. It is up to you to maintain your province and defend it from enemy attacks. When it’s all over, only one of you will ascend to the Royal Council. Will you be a shield to defend the realm? Or will you be trampled under the weight of the invading hordes? Prepare thyself. The revised edition of Kingsburg is on sale now!

Exert Your Influence

With enemies on your doorstep and your province severely underdeveloped, you’ll need all the help you can get to survive the coming onslaught. Luckily, the King and his advisors can help you get your hands on the resources you need to prepare your defenses. But these advisors are a fickle lot and each will only agree to help one governor a season. To prosper, you must outmaneuver your rival governors and persuade the king’s advisors to help you.

Each game plays out over the course of several seasons that give you the opportunity to develop your province and seeking the aid of these royal counselors is as simple as rolling dice. From the spring through the fall, you roll your dice and assign them to as many as three advisors numbered one to eighteen. Each advisor grants a unique reward, from vital military intelligence to the resources you need to construct buildings in your province, but can only be used once. This allows you to play cleverly, gaining rewards beneficial to you while keeping vital supplies out of your rivals’ hands.

Regardless of the advisors you choose, however, you need to be prepared. Winter brings with it an invading army that all players must face. Those who have built wisely will easily overcome this threat and reap the rewards. Those who lack adequate defenses, on the other hand, will suffer the consequences. No matter what happens, whoever has built the most prosperous province after five years wins the day! 

The Classic Returns

With more options than ever before, this definitive edition provides the essential Kingsburg experience. In addition to the base game, you’ll find all five modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion here, as well as the brand new Alternate Advisor Rewards module. When combined, they create fresh new challenges and tantalizing possibilities for each game.

Each module adds unique twists to your games of Kingsburg, some subtly affecting how you play while others dramatically altering your approach to the game. You could add even more strategic depth by increasing the number of buildings available to you, or you can become a unique governor with your own unique effect that can be used during the game.

Of all the options available to you, though, perhaps none will shake up your strategy more than the Alternate Advisor Rewards module. This module adds advisor tiles that change the rewards offered by the first sixteen advisors. These new rewards inject a bit of uncertainty into the game, leaving the actual reward you receive in the hands of your opponents. If the Architect’s alternate reward is in play, for example, he will grant you one good, but it will be chosen by the player on your left. With these alternate rewards in play, then, you have even more ways to plot against your rivals.  

The Royal Council Awaits

Kingsburg needs protectors now more than ever. Defending the realm from sure destruction is nice, but earning a spot on the Royal Council is even better. Rise to the occasion and take your place at King Tritus’ side in the revised edition of Kingsburg, available now!

Plan your province by reading the game’s rules, now available on the Kingsburg page on our website.