9 February 2017 Bastion

Announcing Bastion

A cooperative strategy game that takes inspiration from tower defense video games

Endless hordes of monsters line the outer walls on their march against the citadel. Never before have the forces of darkness been so well organized: archmages, dragons, and fearsome legendary creatures lead the troops. Within the castle, only a select few heroes can harness the magical power needed to repel the invaders back from whence they came.

Bastion is a cooperative strategy game for one to four players. Taking inspiration from popular tower defense video games, Bastion pits players against an unrelenting stream of attacks by a vicious monster horde. Players work together to defend against these attacks by channeling power sources within the city’s districts, defense towers, and citadel—while also gaining useful spells from the enemies they defeat. Only by properly managing mana, spells, and rituals will players have any hope of withstanding the onslaught.

Ziran is one the few heroes remaining to defend the city from the evil forces.

Make Your Stand

In Bastion, the small band of heroes defending the stalwart fortress must deal with twelve different types of enemies, from lowly beasts to mighty dragons. The tension mounts as the initial foes arrive and threaten to bring down the city gates. Additional enemy cards appear each turn, snaking their way around the board to force a constant pressure of mounting danger and formidable odds. Although certain defeat might loom outside the walls, the heroes are not without means of defense. By channeling mana sources around the city, the heroes can gain mystical power to destroy invaders. Victory in Bastion demands striking a delicate balance between collecting mana and attacking enemies.

Enemy forces advance around the city walls after every hero's turn.

A hero can defeat an enemy by spending mana discs equal in number to that enemy’s strength and that match its color. For example, to defeat an enemy with three strength and a yellow circle on its card, a hero must spend three yellow mana discs. In addition to loosening the monsters‘ grip on the city, defeating an enemy rewards the hero with a powerful spell. Spells confer a variety of bonuses that provide crucial advantages. For example, the fireball spell reduces the cost of mana discs required to defeat an enemy, while the plenty spell allows a hero to draw extra mana from a source. Players choose when to use these spells—and only through careful strategy and teamwork will the heroes defeat the horde! 

Once you’ve mastered the basic game, Bastion offers even more ways to play. More powerful enemies await those seeking an even greater challenge—including the fearsome Grim Wing and the revolting Knellerwyrm. In turn, the heroes can respond to this increased threat by harnessing the power of ancient rituals, amassing ancient artifacts, or building magical structures. For those wanting an epic challenge, each of the four included scenarios feature special rules and a unique situation. How will the heroes handle an enemy force dominated by fliers? What if they arrive to defend the bastion after some of the enemy forces have already begun their attack? Each scenario demands new strategies and offers a unique spin on the Bastion experience.

Heed the Call

The enemy forces are gathering at the gates. Mount the walls and prepare the defenses. You are the city’s last hope against the encroaching darkness!

Bastion is a joint publishing venture between Z-Man Games and Hobby World. The game will release in many languages and territories around the world in Q2 of this year.

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