20 June 2017 Bastion

Enemies at the Gates

Take a closer look at the enemy armies seeking to bring down the citadel in Bastion 

For centuries, the bastion has rebuffed attacks by armies of beasts, warriors, and even mages. Its mighty walls have endured without losing so much as a chip from a single stone. Yet never before has the citadel faced such a massive army, organized with one goal: utter destruction. Only the mightiest heroes can hope to defend the fortress against this evil horde.  

In Bastion, the dark forces arrayed against you are more than run-of-the-mill orcs and goblins. Instead, you face an army of different creatures, from nimble scouts to stealthy spies. Each enemy makes its own unique contribution to the siege effort and presents its own challenge to the heroes who defend the fortress.

Battling these foes requires mana discs, acquired by channeling the sources found throughout the city. To defeat an enemy, a hero must spend an amount of mana equal to that enemy's strength and color. Beyond this, the various enemies’ special abilities add to the difficulty of defeating them. Today, we’re taking a more in-depth look at the three classes of enemies you face in Bastion, as well as the unique flavor they bring to each game.

Rank and File

Rather than engaging the same army every game, players face an entirely new army every time they play Bastion. Enemies come in three classes—basic, advanced, and legendary—and each has its own purpose in the enemy army. As these different enemies are added to the board, the game ramps up in difficulty.

Basic enemies make up the bulk of the enemy forces and are the most straightforward to defeat. These enemies have no special abilities, but what they lack in ability, they make up in sheer numbers. They mass at the gates of the city, constantly threatening to break in and put an end to your spirited defense.

Despite their lowly status, basic enemies still pose a significant threat. They quickly fill up the wall sections that the heroes need to keep clear, forcing players to spend precious mana to clear them instead of focusing on more powerful advanced and legendary enemies.

What’s more, some basic enemies can be costly to defeat. For example, a hero must amass and spend a whopping six black mana to remove the Dark Cavalry from the city walls. This represents a large commitment of mana to defeat such a minor enemy.

But things aren’t totally stacked against the heroes. Defeating enemies also converts them into powerful spells that give the heroes major advantages in battle. The fireball spell, for example, reduces the amount of mana required to defeat an enemy, making more powerful enemies easier to deal with.

Spells have potent effects that can turn the tide of the battle, but players must use them wisely to make the best use of their power. It will take a coordinated team of heroes to channel the mana necessary to defeat each enemy and end the onslaught.

Fearsome Fliers

Unlike the basic beasts, warriors, mages, and cavalry, advanced enemies are a truly diverse group. Among their ranks you will find hideous symbiotes, intimidating giants, archmages, and many other dangerous enemies.

On top of typically costing more mana to defeat, advanced enemies also have special abilities that alter the battlefield. The Mountain Flier, for example, can pass over the city walls and terrorize the citizens of the districts within. Like a basic enemy, whenever a flier is added to the battlefield, it moves around the bastion until it reaches an empty wall section. But instead of stopping there, the flier propels itself into the district’s square, preventing the heroes from channeling the sources there until it is defeated.

Being cut off from three precious sources of mana can be a major hindrance to players, affecting how they choose to move through the city as well as their choice of sources and towers to channel. Players must clear the Mountain Flier from the board as soon as possible if they want the best chance of defeating the enemy army.

Fear the Legend

No foes are more fearsome than the legendary enemies at the head of the enemy army. Each of these creatures presents such a dire threat that no more than four appear in any standard game of Bastion. Among these enemies are the fearsome Knellerwyrm and the mighty Leviathan, each presenting a dire threat to the city.

Most legendary enemies have a unique combination of two special abilities that drastically alter the battle. When the Valkyrie enters the field, for example, it behaves similarly to fliers, entering the square of whatever district it is in and preventing mana from being channeled by the sources there. But the Valkyrie also protects any enemies at the walls of its district, preventing them from being attacked until the Valkyrie itself is defeated.

Not surprisingly, getting rid of the Valkyrie is no easy task. On top of its other abilities, the Valkyrie has no set color. Instead, it takes on the color of the banners in its district, making it incredibly unpredictable. Only heroes willing to adapt to its presence can hope to survive the Valkyrie.  

Pick Your Poison

With so many different types of enemies in the game, there's no telling what you could face during a game of Bastion. For maximum variety, the game includes two modes, each of which presents its own challenges. When playing Bastion in standard mode, you can face any combination of the game’s many enemies. Those seeking a uniquely-themed challenge, however, can choose one of the four included scenarios. Each scenario uses a different deck of enemy cards that will test all the heroes’ skills, along with unique setups and special rules to provide unique and varied challenges.

One scenario tasks you with handling a deck full of flying creatures, while another pits you against the most massive enemies possible. Whatever the scenario, it’s up to you to master your enemies and defend the citadel.

Rise to the Challenge

The enemy forces are arrayed before you. The citadel has never faced enemies as varied and powerful as this. You must use all your power to defeat this threat and save the city.

Rally your forces and defend the city with Bastion, available later this summer! 

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