8 June 2017 First Class

Full Steam Ahead

First Class is available now

It is the dawn of the twentieth century and the elite of Europe are looking for the most luxurious way to convey themselves across the continent. This means travelling by rail. Other than the fabled Orient Express, however, there is a dearth of rail lines that cater to the tastes of these discerning clients. As a railroad entrepreneur, this is the perfect opportunity to grow your empire and become the railroad baron you’ve always dreamt of being.   

To draw the attention of these passengers—and their deep pockets—you need to ensure the trip is as prestigious as possible. Now is the time to upgrade your railroad cars and extend your lines into new territory. Seize the opportunity and raise your lines to the height of luxury with First Class, available at retailers now!

Rule the Rails

Building on his success with Russian Railroads in 2013, designer Helmut Ohley explores new territory for a train-themed game in First Class. Rather than placing workers to build an advanced rail network, players are tasked with building the most fashionable trains they can. During the game, players enter a world where rail travel is king and the best lines provide some of the most luxurious travel accommodations in history.

Beginning with two zero-point train cars, two to four players aspire to rise to the top of this business by developing their two train lines to the height of luxury. There are many paths to accomplishing this goal. Selecting from a shared pool of action cards, you might add cars to your trains, upgrade those cars to attract wealthier passengers, or extend your train lines toward Constantinople.

Each of these actions links to the others, and the best players will select their action cards carefully to chain actions together and maximize the points they score. Extend your trains and get your conductors in place in preparation for the scoring rounds. Whoever can make the most improvements to their lines in the fewest actions will score the most points, so always be on the lookout for the next opportunity.

Rolling Steel

Blending aspects of board and card games, no two games of First Class will be alike. Each game is played with the base action cards and two of five modules that shape the players’ actions and goals for the game. These modules introduce new types of passengers, new mechanics, and new objects into the game, with each combination providing a unique challenge.

One game might see you attempting to accommodate celebrities on your trains, earning double points for the cars they ride in. During another, you might make use of switches to combine the point values of both your trains in powerful—and sometimes unexpected—ways. Each module adds new thematic layers to First Class while also demanding new strategies, providing plenty of variety between games.

On the Fast Track

The golden age of rail is in full swing and wealthy passengers are looking for the trains that can get them to their destinations in comfort and style.

Give the Orient Express a run for its money in First Class, available now!

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