6 July 2017 Valletta

History in the Making

Begin construction of a beautiful Mediterranean city in Valletta, available now!

For nearly 500 years, the Maltese capital of Valletta has been an important port in the Mediterranean. Since its founding, the city has become known throughout the world for its Baroque style, including many beautiful palaces and gardens standing alongside magnificent fortifications. This unique architectural style is a testament to the city’s proud history and hints at the events that forged Valletta into the city it is today. Now you can participate in the creation of this history in Valletta, available at your local retailer now!

Combining elements of deckbuilding and resource management games, Valletta transports players back to a time when several major powers were vying for control of the strategically significant island of Malta. Jean Parisot de Valette and his forces have just fought off an Ottoman invasion and, to secure the island, the Order of Malta has begun constructing a powerful fortified city.

In Valletta, players undertake the building projects that will turn Valletta into the glorious city it is today. To succeed, they must enlist the aid of the city’s citizens, craftsmen, and even some historical figures to complete as many construction projects as they can. Gather your wits, draw up your plans, and build history!

Master Planner, Master Builder    

Like the construction of an actual city, careful planning is the key to success in Valletta. Construction projects are available across the city and the competition to complete the most lucrative buildings is fierce. To stay in contention, good builders must formulate a plan that makes efficient use of the resources at hand.

Each player begins the game with a deck of eight basic character cards that provide them with the wood, stone, bricks, and gold they need to construct buildings. In addition to scoring points, players who complete a project are rewarded with more powerful cards to add to their decks. These new cards offer a marked improvement over the basic cards. Some provide more goods, others offer discounts when building, and some even synergize with buildings you have already constructed to generate more goods.

But, as powerful as they are, simply acquiring them doesn’t guarantee victory. It is up to you to make the best use of the cards available to you. On their turn, players choose three of the five cards in their hand to play one at a time. These cards could simply be used to acquire more goods, but clever players will devise ways to string these card effects together to increase their efficiency.

For example, a player could use the Brickmaker card to gain the last brick they need to construct a blue building. They could then play the Builder to construct that building, adding the Artisan card on it to their hand. Finally, they could play the Artisan and choose to generate gold from all their buildings with the gold icon in the bottom-left corner, including the one they just built.


Coming up with clever combinations such as this is central to Valletta. Rather than your cards dictating your actions, your own ingenuity helps you get a leg up on the competition.

History in the Making

New buildings are going up throughout the city every day and Grand Master de Valette himself is on hand to oversee construction. You must hurry if you want to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Step back in time and help build a mighty city with Valletta, available now!

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