14 August 2017

Previewing Majesty: For the Realm

Take a sneak peek at Majesty: For the Realm, the new game from Marc André

Z-Man Games is proud to announce Majesty: For the Realm, an exciting 2-4 player game from designer Marc André and illustrator Anne Heidsieck set to be released this fall. 

In Majesty, you take on the role of a king or queen seeking to gain power during the Middle Ages. Like any good monarch, you have plenty of subjects ready to do your bidding and help your kingdom grow. Running a kingdom is no easy task and you must make the best use of your subjects and buildings if you want to succeed.

These cards are broken into several different categories. Over the coming weeks, we'll be revealing new cards and characters every Monday, so stay tuned! 

Rest and Recover

We have made many new acquaintances as we have toured the kingdom of Majesty: For the Realm. After a long day of travel, it’s time to head to the inn and find a cozy room for the night. On our way out of the castle, however, we spot a building we haven’t seen yet. Wooden beds line the walls of the main room. This is the infirmary where the sick and injured are brought from across the kingdom. Their recovery is helped by herbs and potions created by our new friend the witch. Everyone here does their part to generate resources for the kingdom. But they must recover quickly if they want to bring glory to the land!

A Very Important Meeting

Refreshed from our stop at the inn, we continue to journey farther into the city. Almost immediately, an intimidating castle rises before us. This is our destination. We must meet with the nobles who live there so they can provide us with the money and men to complete our projects. After our meeting, there is only one stop left.

A Relaxing Retreat

The sounds of knights training is eventually drowned out by the cheerful laughter erupting from a large inn as we move up the road. The inn is where a large friendly innkeeper earns his coin by providing refreshment and respite to weary travelers. With our spirits are refreshed and our bellies full we decide it’s best to be on our way. We have appointments with important people to keep and we mustn't be late.

In Shining Armor

Just beyond the guard towers, a large square filled with soldiers opens before us. The loud clang of swords, axes, halberds, and morning stars echoes off the walls as these mighty warriors conduct their training. They may be called upon at a moments notice to defend the realm, so it’s important for them to perfect their skills and be ready. We’d like to admire this fine display for a few moments longer, but we’ve had a long journey and need to rest. A sign for the inn up the road catches our eye and we leave the barracks behind us.

Guardians of the Realm

Our journey through your kingdom in Majesty: For the Realm goes on: After traveling through the surrounding countryside, we have finally reached the city. A massive wall studded with high watchtowers protects the citizens inside from intruders and occasionally from enemy soldiers. We make our way to the gate and are greeted by the city guards, their armor glinting in the sun. While their long halberds and gruff expressions create an imposing presence, they are not too worried of simple travelers and they let us pass. We make our way through the gate and are greeted by the sights and sounds of the city at last.

Potent Potions

As we continue along the road to the city, we discover a small hut on the outskirts. Covered with grass and moss and with dark smoke billowing from the chimney, this house piques our curiosity. A cheerful older woman standing at the door invites us inside. Strange smells greet us as we enter, and the woman begins mixing herbs and mysterious liquids in a copper pot. This must be the witch we’ve heard so much about! She may be regarded as an outsider by some, but her knowledge will provide you with useful medicines and other benefits. Not wanting to disturb her any longer, we take our leave and head back down the road.

Visit the Brewery

Our tour of your kingdom in Majesty: For the Realm continues! Last week we visited the mill that provides grain for the kingdom, but food and trade are not the only uses for the grain produced there. A portion of the grain is delivered to the Brewery where the Brewer makes the most delicious drinks for the empire! This master brewer is able to lift the moods of the populous, and a happy kingdom is a prosperous one! Lets finish our drinks and head farther down the road into town.

Hard at Work

The mill and the millers that toil away there work hard to produce grain for the kingdom. Not only does this grain help feed people across the realm, it is also a valuable commodity. In Majesty, the workers at the mill generate grain which can be sold to produce a good portion of the gold that fills your treasury. This makes them the cornerstone of any prosperous kingdom. But you will need more than millers and grain if you are going to make a mark on history.