31 August 2017 NMBR 9

NMBR 9 is Now Available

Test your mind and challenge your friends with this addicting puzzle!

It’s time to test your mind. An intriguing puzzle awaits as you build your display of number tiles. But with everyone placing the same tile every turn, are you clever enough to build the display worth the most points? Z-Man Games is pleased to announce that NMBR 9 is available in stores now!

Take it to the Next Level

NMBR 9 is a game of careful planning, adapting, and ultimately stacking tiles to score the most points possible. Each of the game’s ten uniquely-shaped tiles covers a different amount of space and players must do their best to strategically stack their tiles as high as they can. Tiles on higher levels are worth more points, but a solid base must be in place before tiles can be placed on top of one another.

Simple rules determine how tiles can be placed on one another, leading to many options when building your display. Tiles on higher levels must overlap at least two tiles below it, for example, and no part of a tile can overhang without a tile directly beneath it. With so many possibilities, no two displays will be the same!

Stack High, Stack Quickly

NMBR 9 is easy to learn but difficult to master, making it the perfect game to challenge your family and friends or even play solo to go after your own high score! The game’s structure encourages experimentation and new players can easily grasp the central concepts.

With only twenty cards—two for each type of tile—drawn each game, you must carefully select a place for each tile to maximize the points you score. Using the information available to you can help you build the best display possible. A card drawn from a randomized deck determines the next tile to be placed, which means every game is its own unique challenge..

Nines take up a lot of space, but are worth the most points. Zeroes aren’t worth any points on any level and contain gaps in the middle that you must build around. Finding the best place for each piece as your options dwindle is the key to success.

Crunching the Numbers

The mind-bending, number-crunching fun has begun. Who will create the display worth the most points? Put it all together with NMBR 9, available now!

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