Announcing My First Stone Age - The Card Game

Join Martin the Mammoth on an all-new prehistoric adventure!

It’s time to go on another prehistoric adventure. Z-Man Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of My First Stone Age — The Card Game!

Following in the footsteps of the 2016 Kinderspiel des Jahres Award winner, My First Stone Age — The Card Game returns kids and families to the dawn of civilization while they join Martin the mammoth and Guff the wolfhound on a quest to build a village. This adventure will take them through a prehistoric valley where they can experience the Stone Age way of life. In the end, they’ll develop many skills as they build a better life for their people.

Each game, players join Martin on a journey to discover the goods they need to build huts for their village. They’ll have to remember the best hiding spots if they want to find the right ones and establish their settlements before the other players!

Remember the Past

Inspired by the classic family game Stone Age, My First Stone Age — The Card Game sparks players’ imaginations, letting the entire family travel back to the beginning of recorded history. Once there, they’ll test their memory as they compete to be the fastest to build their own village.

To do complete their huts, players must locate the fish, arrowheads, berries, and other goods they need along a path of goods cards. Finding the right combination of goods to build a hut can be difficult. Luckily, Martin and Guff can help them along the way. Martin joins players on the path, helping players find goods while Guff makes it easier to build huts.

Players take turns moving Martin one to four spaces along the path and revealing the goods card they find there. Goods that can help them build a hut are kept while others are returned to the path. A lucky few players will encounter Guff amongst the goods cards. He makes building huts easier by letting players use him as one good of their choice. If they can keep track of which goods are where, they can snag the ones they need the next time around!

A Bigger Stone Age

The excitement of My First Stone Age — The Card Game doesn’t end with the game itself. The components can also be used to add new depth to My First Stone Age, giving players even more ways to explore with the Martin and Guff’s friends, the Stone Age children Jono and Jada. In My First Stone Age, players revealed forest tokens to move around a board and help Jono and Jada collect goods. They might catch fish in the river, find arrowhead stones high in the mountains, or trade for other goods at the trading post.

When used with My First Stone Age, My First Stone Age — The Card Game adds new options to the game. Here, Martin helps players collect goods. Moving into the same space as him lets a player move with him to any goods space they want. Venturing across the board with Martin is very useful for players searching for the last few goods they need, but only those who keep track of the forest tokens will know how to get to him.

On top of Martin’s appearance on the board, players who move to the construction site but lack the goods to build a hut are able to take the top cards from the goods deck. This makes every trip to the construction site worthwhile and ensures no one leaves this space emptyhanded.

Stone Age Fun

There are many goods to find and Martin is ready to show the way. Head out on the trail in My First Stone Age — The Card Game, available later this year!

Join in the prehistoric fun! My First Stone Age — The Card Game is slated for release in late 2017. Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today, or place your pre-order through Z-Man Games by clicking here.