25 September 2017 Bastion

Solutions to the First Bastion Puzzles

Check out the solutions to our first round of Bastion puzzles!

Welcome back recruit! Before we continue your training, let’s make sure you’ve figured out the first two puzzles. Let's take a look at the first one again. If you remember, you had two turns to attack both enemies.

The solution to this puzzle involves making use of moving, channeling, and attacking in different ways. For your first turn, you begin by moving right one district. Then, you channel the yellow source by placing your purple mana on it, receiving three yellow mana in return. Finally, you attack the Plains Mage by spending five of your six yellow mana.

Now that the Plains Mage has been taken care of, the Swamp Beast is your target for your second turn. You start this turn by channeling the tower, placing your remaining yellow mana on the tower and taking the three purple mana from the district’s sources. You then want to move left one district before finally attacking the Swamp Beast by spending your three purple mana.

There are a couple of things you should note about this puzzle. First, notice how the three basic actions were taken in a different order each turn. This is important for you to learn and is something that will continue into the next puzzle. Second, take note of the two different forms of channeling we made use of in this puzzle. You must be aware of all the options you have at all times.

Are you ready to move on to the second puzzle? Good. In this one, you had three turns to attack all three enemies.

You should start your first turn by channeling the black source, placing your black mana on it to receive three black mana. Then you want to spend the three black mana you have to attack the Dark Beast. Finally, you should move one district to the right and end your turn there.

You should begin your second turn by attacking the Fire Beast right away. After that, you should move right one district. Once there, you should end your turn by channeling the green source by placing a green mana on it. This will grant you three green mana. 

To begin your final turn, you need to channel the tower with your black mana, taking the two green mana from the sources in that district. Lastly, you need to move left one district and spend your five green mana to attack the Forest Mage.

And that’s it. Were you able to figure it out? Notice again how the actions of channeling, moving, and attacking were performed in a different order every turn. This is the first basic technique you need to learn if you’re going to defend the Bastion. Remember it well.

You’ve done well recruit. I think you’re ready to move on to the next lesson. Join me tomorrow to continue your training!

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