12 November 2018 Pandemic

Woe to the Defeated

Prepare for the oncoming battle with special abilities and new battle dice

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The ground shakes as the barbarians continue their steady march across the countryside toward Rome. Rushing to defend the cities from invasion, the Roman legion gathers. Commanders call out orders and the soldiers surge forward to face the onslaught of invaders. The clash of swords rings out as the battle begins.

Unite with your fellow Roman citizens, utilizing soldiers and allies to stop the onslaught of barbarians. Can you keep Rome from falling? Pre-order your copy of Pandemic: Fall of Rome today from our webstore or your local retailer!

Seize the Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took a great team to put the Eternal City together and it will take a great team to keep it from falling. Each player will take on a role with special abilities to improve the team’s chances at success. Some roles will help with quick movement, others will help fight against the onslaught of barbarians.

  • The Consul is a chief magistrate and controls the movements of the Roman legion, allowing additional legions to be placed in cities.
  • The Magister Militum commands the military, bolstering the legion in battle and protecting them.
  • The Mercator uses their trading and negotiation skills to give or take city cards or to forge alliances with barbarians in another city.
  • The Praefectus Classis commands the fleet, quickly moving the strength of the legion from port to port.
  • The Praefectus Fabrum is a well-trained engineer, constructing forts to help protect against future invasions.
  • The Regina Foederata utilizes her connections, bringing barbarians and/or legions with her as she travels or enlisting the barbarians to help without spending a card.
  • The Vestalis communes with the goddess for more information, drawing from an event deck and drawing additional player cards.

Utilizing each character’s special abilities and working together will help pave a path to victory to save the city.

The Die is Cast

As the barbarians continue their steady progression toward the Eternal City, the Roman legion confidently marches forth to protect their home and defend the empire. In Pandemic: Fall of Rome, players will use the legion to battle against the barbarians, rolling battle dice to determine the outcome. While at least one legion and one barbarian are in your city, you can choose to battle. The battle dice have five different symbols (one symbol appears twice) that will determine the outcome of the battle.

Roll up to one battle die for each legion in your city, using a maximum of three dice. If the battle is successful, you can choose to remove any combination of barbarians in the city, but you must remove as many as possible.

For example, Sophie has moved into Carnuntum with two legions. Two of the barbarian tribes have progressed and invaded that city. There are two green cubes (Huns) and one blue cube (Ostrogoth) in the city. Because Sophie has two legions with her, she can roll one or two dice to battle the barbarians. She wants to maximize her chances of removing barbarians, so she rolls two dice. She rolls a total of two legion icons and four barbarian icons, so she removes two legions and three barbarians.

If instead the eagle symbol is rolled, that activates the special ability on your role card. Sophie is playing as the Consul. If she rolls the dice to reveal the side with the eagle that will activate the special ability on her role card. She rolls a total of one legion icon, two barbarian icons, and the eagle icon. Two barbarian cubes are removed from the city. The eagle ability for the Consul adds one legion to the city and the dice result rolled takes one away, leaving two legions and one barbarian cube still in the city.

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