16 November 2018 Lift Off

Announcing Lift Off

Race to the stars and explore the new frontier

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The cold evening air bites at your cheeks as you look up at the sky. The stars shine above you, teasing you with endless possibilities and questions. What mysteries are up there, just waiting to be discovered? After years of work and research, the rocket is finally ready. Everyone has their own goals for exploring the black abyss above you, but you’re determined to complete your mission first. You take one more glance at the stars before wandering back to the laboratory. There is still much to be done if you’re going to win the race to the stars.

Humanity yearns for the stars and the race to explore is in full swing! With everyone wanting to claim their spot in history and start the golden age of space exploration, you must make strategic choices to outwit your opponents. Compete against other agencies to hire the best specialists, expand your research, upgrade your rocket, and complete missions in this retro resource management game.

Pre-order your copy of Lift Off through our website or your local retailer today!

Race to the Stars

The unexplored cosmos awaits you in Lift Off. Build your space agency and compete to claim the most glorious milestones of space travel. New research has refined techniques to send astronauts into space. Specialists in the field will give your agency the edge. Bring a lead researcher or astronaut commander onboard and prepare for launch.

With the skills and technology to reach space finally within humanity’s grasp, there are many different possibilities to explore. Send up the first satellites, mine minerals from asteroids, build an orbital trading post, or land on a new planet. Select your missions carefully. A more complex mission will have a bigger payoff for your agency but will require more work.

To prepare for your missions you’ll need to develop technologies: life support, oxygen, energy, and fuel. You’ll also need to carefully manage your agency’s funds to upgrade your rocket to carry larger loads and fly more efficiently with rocket boosters. An upgraded rocket will be better suited to tackle the more ambitious missions. Plan ahead and your agency will win the race to the stars!

Lift Off will be $59.99 and release in spring 2019. Pre-order your copy today and prepare to explore the cosmos!

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