21 December 2018 Stone Age

Survive the Winter

Protect your tribe from the harsh cold and wild animals

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Usher in a new era of civilization at the dawn of humanity. Beginning with archaic tools, you must collect wood, stone, and gold to attain higher levels of knowledge and build sturdier structures. Through diligence and insight, you can build the foundation of human civilization and persevere through the high heat of summer and the harsh cold of winter to lead your people to a better life.

Stone Age Anniversary celebrates 10 years of the classic worker placement game and features foil detailing on the box, screenprinted meeple, a double-sided board and new mini expansions for additional content. Pre-order your copy of Stone Age Anniversary through our webstore or your local retailer today!

Persevere Through Winter

For 10 years, thousands of gamers have strategically sent out members of their tribe to collect resources and move their civilization forward. Stone Age has become a favorite worker placement game for many. In Stone Age Anniversary, players will not only be able to play the classic game they know and love, they’ll take their civilization through winter with variants and mini expansions to add more gameplay.

The sun sets, the season changes, and winter brings a harsh cold. In order to protect your people and help them survive, buildings should be insulated. When playing with the harsh winter variant, the double-sided building tiles are flipped to show the winter side. The winter buildings have an option to spend an additional stone resource from your player board to insulate it against the cold. If you have planned ahead for the long winter and can insulate your building, you’ll score five additional points.

In winter, players will also have the opportunity to trade their hard-earned gold for extra points. When taking a civilization card, you can spend one gold in addition to the resources required for the card, and immediately score an extra six points. A small sacrifice in the moment can lead your tribe to great prosperity.

Brace Against the Cold

In the winter, snow can be used for more than just snowmen and snowball fights. Igloos provide a unique shelter for your tribe. With the igloo mini expansion, four igloo tiles are added next to the game board in addition to the other buildings. Each igloo only has space for one figure, so if you want to claim it you must be quick. If you place a figure on an igloo, then when taking actions, you can spend the indicated resources to take that igloo and score points. Igloos don’t count toward your building total and instead provide an opportunity to claim more points.

Protect the Tribe

As the winter winds blow through the trees, swirling the snow across the ground, a howl is heard in the distance. Wild animals stalk the edge of the village. You must protect your people from polar bears, wild boars, wolves, and raptors if you are going to survive the winter.

The wild animal mini expansion included in Stone Age Anniversary adds another exciting variant to include in gameplay. The animal cards are mixed in to the civilization cards. When a wild animal is revealed, it threatens the tribe. Each wild animal in play reduces the total of all players’ die rolls. If you take an action that requires rolling dice and produces a single total, you must subtract the animal’s value from the resulting total.

To protect the tribe and drive off a wild animal, players must collectively place a number of figures equal to the number of players on the animal’s card. For example, in a 4-player game, four figures must be placed, while in a 3-player game, three figures must be placed.

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