Announcing Race to the New Found Land

Risk life and limb journeying across the vast Atlantic ocean and discovering new land

In the age of discovery, sailors risk life and limb to cross the vast and stormy Atlantic ocean in search of new territory. Compete to claim the riches of a new land for your country.

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Build the Best Fleet

Sail your country’s fleet onward to the new land. Though a quick ship will get you there first, other ships can carry more cargo, settlers, or are better equipped for exploring the new world—you'll want to diversify if you seek true riches. Upgrade your port, enlarging your shipyard and gaining an additional bonus unique to your country. Choose your ships and upgrades strategically to outmaneuver your opponents.

Spend your hard-earned commodities to upgrade your fleet. Small ships are easier to build, but large ships will immediately score additional points. Larger ships can also be faster and carry more cargo or people.

Settle New Land

Land ho! A speck in the distance grows as the ship pushes forward through the waves. The shape gets larger, forming into a mountainous island as the ship gets closer. The anchor drops and the sailors rush to lower the lifeboat, eager to row to the shore.

Sail to lands rich with new and desirable resources. Discover gold, wood, iron, or cloth as you explore the islands of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Ile d’Anticosti. Stake your claim on the islands, settling and gathering the valuable resources to be used for future endeavors.

Increase Your Wealth

Stockholm might be desperate for sheep. Venice could be clamoring for wood. Cities back home desire the commodities from the new land. Fill your cargo hold with those precious supplies to fulfill demand. You will be handsomely rewarded for each order you can complete. Choose carefully which ship to assign the task of delivery. A fast ship may get there first, but a larger ship can carry more supplies.

Keep an eye on your opponents as they gather resources. Each order can only be fulfilled once, and you don't want to lose out on a big payday just because your opponent beat you to it. Extra supplies mean extra orders! Each ship with supplies can sail to deliver the required items to different cities, netting you even more victory points. Will you win the race to the New Found Land?

Move settlers, sell valuable cargo, and discover new resources in the race to become the most influential power in this burgeoning new land. Pre-order Race to the New Found Land today!

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