20 April 2018 Fae

Journey to Blessed Terrain

Wander the Fae, discovering blessed and cursed terrain

The druids wander through the wild lands of the Fae, looking for a way home. They must be careful in their journey across the mysterious terrain. Some landscapes are safer than others.

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A Blessing…or a Curse

The druid journeys through the mountains into a land covered with mushrooms. The edges of his robe catch on a patch of the large fungus as he passes. A chill goes up his spine. This land feels wrong. He hurries to cross and get to the trees in the distance.

While moving across the land of the Fae, druids will enter into terrain that could be blessed or cursed. If a ritual is enacted in blessed terrain the spirits are pleased and additional points will be awarded to that ritual. If the ritual occurs on cursed terrain, it is disrupted and the druids will vanish, rejected by the land and unable to complete the ceremony.

Throughout the game, the blessing or curse for a terrain will shift. In the first part of the game, the rolling green hills are blessed and the land with the mushrooms is cursed. The player who initiated the ritual will take the ritual card and keep that for points at the end of the game, even if the ritual happens on cursed land and is disrupted. Once the level one ritual cards are gone, the level two cards will activate, changing the blessed land to the mushroom terrain and the cursed land to the mountains. The ritual value is then increased to two. The blessing and curse will continue to shift to new terrain as more rituals occur.

Performing the Ritual

The druids join together to perform the ritual. The sun breaks through the forest canopy and the druids smile, knowing this land is blessed. The spirits will be pleased with this ritual.

When the druids are isolated in a region, the ritual is initiated. Cursed land will disrupt the ritual, blessed land will add points, and neutral land won’t affect the ritual. If seven druids gathered in the mushroom terrain when the second ritual tier is active, the mushrooms are blessed and the ritual will gain an extra two points in addition to the points for each druid. If the ritual occurred in the mountain terrain during the third ritual tier, the land is neutral and doesn’t change the ritual.

For each ritual tier, the top of the card shows the blessed terrain and the bottom of the card shows the cursed terrain. Rituals enacted on cursed terrain will cause the druids to vanish, scoring no points for that ritual.

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