6 April 2018 Fae

Cloak Your Identity

Become one of the five enigmatic spirits of the Fae, secretly guiding lost druids

The spirits of the Fae huddle together, whispering and planning. Each spirit heads out, claiming lost druids as their own. Which spirit will prevail?

Maneuver the druids into groups to claim points and win acclaim in the mysterious world of Fae. Pre-order your copy from our website or your local retailer today!

Secretly Manipulate the Druids

The druid looks down, noticing the brown robe is now shifting to purple. A horned figure appears, smiling and motioning the druid forward through the woods. The druid follows through the thick foliage, stumbling into a clearing with druids wearing robes of blue, red, and yellow. The horned figure grins and vanishes as the druid joins the circle.

The five enigmatic spirits of the Fae compete for control of the realm. The druids of the Baruitha clan follow the voices they hear, desperate to please the spirits and find their way home. Little do they know, the spirits are manipulating their movements, playing a game larger than the druids can understand.

Players will secretly take on the role of one of the five spirits at the beginning of the game. Keep your identity hidden from your opponents as you manipulate the druids across the land of the Fae. Look at the whole picture as you consider your choices. Strategic movements will keep your identity secret and optimize the rituals. The spirit with the most points from the rituals will win.

Keep An Eye on Opponents

Any spirit can manipulate any druid across the land of the Fae. Each spirit will be working to make the most advantageous grouping for themselves though, optimizing the number of points they get from the ritual or knocking out an opponent. Pay attention to what the other players are doing. You may be able to deduce which spirit your opponent is based on their manipulation of the druids.

As the druids are pushed around the Fae, they will become isolated in groups and perform their rituals. Though the druids are willing to combine their rituals, honoring multiple spirits, too many spirits will cause chaos. If a group of druids has all five colors present, the ritual is disrupted, the lone druids of each color vanishing into thin air. The other druids stay behind, working together to honor their spirits.

This ritual would be too chaotic if all the druids stayed. The druids wearing blue, red, and yellow disappear, leaving the two purple and black robed druids to complete the ritual and score four points for their spirits.

Keep your identity hidden and strategically move the druids across the land to claim your victory in Fae. Available for pre-order now.

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