Claim Glory in the New Land

Bring fame and wealth to your nation by winning the Race to the New Found Land!

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean to discover new territory and claim riches before your competitors. Bring fame and glory to your nation before the others by winning the Race to the New Found Land! Pre-order your copy of Race to the New Found Land through our website or your local retailer.

Set Sail and Earn Glory for Your Country

The wind surges and pushes the boat forward, making the sails billow outward. The waves crash against the side of the boat, spraying the sailors eagerly leaning over the edge. The spot in the distance gets larger. Land ho!

The sailors grab the rowboats and quickly head to the shore. Stepping onto the sand, the sailors marvel at the undiscovered landscape. A flag is driven into the ground, claiming it for their country.

The mightiest nations of western Europe are competing for the riches of this new land. At the beginning of the game, shuffle the player boards and deal them out randomly. Flip the board over to see which country you will be racing for: France, the Netherlands, England, Portugal, or Spain.

Each player board has one shipyard upgrade and one unique country upgrade. These can be purchased by paying the resources pictured on the board.

France’s upgrade scores 3 additional points for each order fulfilled. The Netherlands has a swift fleet and increases its speed by 2. England will give you two cards when you perform the load action. Portugal’s upgrade will give you an additional shipyard. Spain allows you to place one additional marker on an island’s empty spaces when settling.

Which country will rise to the top and become the most influential power in the new land?

Recruit a Skilled Captain

The stormy seas can present a challenge to your fleet, but a skilled captain will help you take control of the voyage. Once you reach the green pentagon milestone marker on the score track, you can recruit a captain. You can choose from five famous explorers to give you a bonus for the rest of the game. Each captain has their own special ability so choose wisely.

Columbus spies ahead and discovers extra land, letting you place an extra island tile when performing the discover action and gain both bonuses from that tile. Cortés increases your wealth, giving you one gold immediately when he’s recruited and an extra gold each time you take income. Magellan will boost your speed. Place him on one of your ships during the planning phase to get an additional speed of 7 added to that ship. Da Gama helps you carry more supplies, adding an extra crate value of 3 to one of your ships. Drake expands your fleet options, adding another shipyard to your player board.

Will you conquer the sea and gain the most wealth from the new land? Pre-order your copy of Race to the New Found Land today and begin exploring!

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