9 May 2018 Cacao

Announcing the Cacao: Diamante Expansion

Lead your tribe to even more prosperity

Return to the world of Cacao! Cacao: Diamante adds more depth with four new modules: The Gem Mines, the Tree of Life, the Emperor, and the New Workers. Play the modules individually or combine them to customize your gameplay. Combine Cacao: Diamante and Cacao: Chocolatl  with the base game for a gigantic variant!

Pre-order your copy of Cacao: Diamante through our website or your local retailer.

Send Workers to the Gem Mines

Walking deeper into the mine it gets colder and darker. The rocks shift as you run your hand along the wall. Lifting your torch, the light reflects on something in the distance. You walk closer and see the edge of a gem embedded in the wall. With your tools and a bit of work to excavate it, a ruby falls from the rock into your hand. Just a few more gems to find before returning to the tribe.

With the Gem Mine module of Cacao: Diamante, players can send workers to unearth valuable gems in the mines. Players uncover the colorful gem pieces from a three-dimensional mine cart. Collect gems in all four colors and exchange them for the valuable gold and gemstone-encrusted masks.

New Ways to Earn Gold for Your Tribe

You push through the tangled vines, making your way through the thick jungle foliage. The leaves rustle above you, a flock of birds burst out and fly off into the distance. You see a giant tree root rising from the earth in front of you. You know you’re getting close. The Tree of Life is nearby.

Each module in Cacao: Diamante adds new dimension and depth to the game. Discover the Tree of Life in the jungle and reap the rewards, increasing the gold for your tribe. Use the New Workers to explore different placement options and customize your set of worker tiles. Influence the Emperor and gain his favor. Strategically use these new pieces to earn the most gold for your tribe and bring them into a new age of prosperity!


Will your tribe prosper? Pre-order your copy of Cacao: Diamante today to find out.

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