Maneuver Around Your Opponents

Make strategic choices to block your competition

Begin your game with the city of Carcassonne itself or create a winding river with new river tiles. Disrupt the monasteries, control the city, or score bonus points with the King and Robber. With 22 new land tiles, Count, King & Robber adds even more dimension to your games of Carcassonne.

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Control the Count

When you complete a feature during your turn, if at least one of your opponents gains points and you gain none, you may place a meeple in one of the four city districts (even if the Count is in that district). Then you may move the Count to a district of your choice. Be strategic in your placement of the Count! He can block other players from scoring.

Here the red player placed a tile that completed the city. The blue player scores 4 points for the completed city while the red player scores none. The red player is able to place a meeple into the city and chooses to place the meeple into the cathedral in Carcassonne. They can then choose to move the Count to a different district or leave him where he is in the city of Carcassonne.

When a city, road, monastery, or shrine feature is completed, all players may remove their meeple from the matching district and place them in the feature that is scoring. A meeple would move from the castle district to a city, from the blacksmith to a road, or from the cathedral to a monastery or a shrine. Be aware of where the Count lurks in the city though! Meeple can’t be removed from a district that the Count occupies.

Build Shrines

Shrines can challenge a nearby monastery. When placing a shrine tile, you may choose to place your meeple normally or place them as a heretic on the shrine. Like the monastery, the shrine scores when it is surrounded by eight tiles.

A challenge was issued! When the red player placed their shrine tile adjacent to the blue player’s occupied monastery, a challenge was initiated. The first feature to be completed is the one that scores. The red player was able to place the tile in the top left corner, completing the tiles that surround the shrine. The red player gains 9 points for the shrine, winning the challenge and blocking the blue player from scoring the monastery, even if it’s completed later.


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