Pre-Order Bonus for Pandemic 10th Anniversary

Cure diseases around the globe with painted figures

Order Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition at your local retailer
or online through our website today!

With celebrating a decade of Pandemic, we wanted to create something really special. The custom box, new art, and quality components (which you can read more about here) all create a one-of-a-kind game.

Because we’re so excited for this game, we wanted to do even more. So, for a limited time while supplies last, we are offering an exclusive set of special pre-painted Pandemic figures.

UPDATE: As of 2:30pm CST on 10/25/18 the pre-painted figures are sold out. Pre-orders placed before that time will receive one set of painted figures in addition to the game. Pre-orders placed after that time will just receive the game, which includes a set of unpainted figures. Check with your local gamestore about additional stock of the pre-painted figures.


Everyone who pre-orders at least one copy of Pandemic 10th Anniversary from the Z-Man Games website will receive a single set of pre-painted figures for free with their order while supplies last (Click here to pre-order), or talk to your local retailer about how to pick-up your set of Pandemic 10th Anniversary pre-painted figures. Retailers should reach out to their distributors for more information about these figures.

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