Announcing Carcassonne Expansion 9: Hills & Sheep

The world of Carcassonne expands with new tiles and options

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The wind blows, ruffling the long, green grass covering the rolling hills. The sheep slowly graze across the field as the shepherd watches over his flock, always on the lookout for wolves. Outside the monastery, monks tend to the vineyard and prepare the ripe grapes.

Grow your flock, gain the high ground with hills, and cultivate a vineyard in Carcassonne Expansion 9: Hills & Sheep! Pre-order your copy of the ninth expansion for the classic tile-laying game through our website or your local retailer. Carcassonne Expansion 9: Hills & Sheep will be $17.99 and release in Q4.

Tend Your Flock

The shepherd carefully watches over his flock as they wander through the fields. Over time the flock can grow but be careful; if you wait too long to return your flock to the stable, wolves may attack! After placing a tile with a field, you may choose to place a shepherd and immediately draw a token from the cloth bag. Drawing a sheep token will increase your flock. However, if you draw a wolf token the flock will scatter. Press your luck to grow your flock for additional points.

Build Hills and Vineyards

Get a better view with the hills and gain the advantage from the high ground. Hill tiles are elevated with another tile facedown beneath them. When scoring, the meeple on the hill will break a tie and claim the points. Add thriving vineyards to grow wine around a monastery and increase its value. Watch out for sabotage from your opponents! Only a completed monastery can claim the bonus points from the vineyards.