18 January 2019 Miaui

Become the Best Miauian Diver

Catch the best fish while avoiding the sneaky seagull

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The ocean waves crash into the shore on a bright summer day. As the villagers start their morning, a cry goes out. The tide has changed and filled the lagoon to bursting with fish of all shapes and sizes! The Miauians quickly hurry to grab their preferred fishing equipment: everything from fishing rods and nets to a snorkel and spear. Racing down to the water, cats of all ages dive in to chase after the best fish. The annual fishing festival has begun!

Travel to the tropical island filled with cats in Miaui! Cute illustrations and light, fun gameplay make this card game a perfect addition for family game night. Pre-order your copy of Miaui today from our webstore or your local retailer.

Light Up the Lagoon

In Miaui, 3-6 players can dive into the depths for the biggest catch for the evening feast. After selecting your Miauian diver, you'll have to carefully manage your hand of cards to dive into the shallows, the deep, or the deepest depth of the lagoon to catch the fish in the lagoon. The lagoon off the coast of the island of Miaui is full of fish of many sizes. Besides the small Kittenfish and the large Emperor Tuna, the mysterious Lantern-of-the-Sea swims through the clear blue waters. This angler can be worth 1, 3, 5, or 7 points.

With its bright light shining through the water, the Lantern-of-the-Sea is a very special fish and can see what’s coming. If a Lantern-of-the-Sea was caught in the previous round, the next card placed in the lagoon space it came from is secretly placed facedown. The player who caught that Lantern-of-the-Sea can peek at the facedown card. Only that player will know what that fish is and can carefully select their diver for the next round with that info.

Sticky Jellyfish and Clever Seagulls

Though the fish are plentiful in the water, you have to watch out for other creatures ruining your catch! The sticky jellyfish is tough and chewy. They won’t make a good meal for the evening feast. If you dive and catch a jellyfish, they’ll subtract 10 or 15 points from your score. Fortune can smile on the unlucky divers though. If a player has three jellyfish in their fish pile, those three can be tossed out, leaving only the good fish in the pile.

The sneaky seagull is hungry and knows that the divers will come up from the depths with tasty fish, so they shadow the divers and wait for their opportunity to snatch something. Seagulls can be your worst enemy or your best friend. They’ll eat anything! A seagull could take away that chewy jellyfish from your pile, which will help your score, or the seagull could take away the prize Emperor Tuna worth 15 points!

Here the player who caught the Lantern-of-the-Sea last round knew that the top card was the Tigerfish worth 8 points. They played the lowest value diver card to jump into the shallow and claim that fish. The player with the next highest diver value takes the card from the deep part of the lagoon, which happens to be the seagull this round. The seagull swoops in and steals the small kittenfish from that player’s fish pile. Then the last player will take the jellyfish, potentially being stuck with negative 15 points if they can’t get rid of it by the end of the game.

Will you prove your skill and catch the most fish for the feast? Select your diver and get ready, Miaui will be $24.99. Pre-order your copy today!

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