4 December 2019 Mini Expansions

New Mini Expansions Available Now

Check out mini expansions for NMBR 9, Stone Age, Cacao, First Class, and The Voyages of Marco Polo!

Right on time for the holidays, check out these new mini expansions for some of your favorite games from Z-Man! Get a stocking-sized gift for the gamer in your life or treat yourself with some new content for your collection. With expansions for Cacao, First Class, NMBR 9, Stone Age, and The Voyages of Marco Polo, there’s a little something for everyone.

All of these expansions are dual-language products (English and German) and require their respective base game to enjoy with loved ones this holiday season.


It’s time to grab a chocolate bar, cozy up under a blanket, and collect some cacao fruits near a warm hearth. (We do not recommend roasting them on an open fire.) In Cacao, guide your tribe to prosperity by cultivating and trading the “Fruit of the Gods,” beginning with a single plantation and market. Placing tiles will expand the jungle—and your horizons—so place tiles carefully, assign workers thoughtfully, and earn the most gold!

Too much chocolate, too little space? Build new storage huts to keep more cacao fruits with Cacao: Chocolatl - New Storage Places. Per the rules from Cacao: Chocolatl (which is also required to play this mini expansion), these new tiles count as huts, cost 6 gold each, and give you 3 additional storage spaces during the game. 

The Volcanoes Mini Expansion may sound dangerous, but it might be worth the risk for the rewards of the fertile volcanic soil. These 3 volcano tiles will erupt your tile-placing strategy, as two sides of each volcano tile give adjacent players 2 gold per worker, while the other two sides force you to pay gold for each worker. Place volcanoes carefully and keep out of the way of the lava!

The jungle holds secrets more mysterious than just the "Fruit of the Gods." Perhaps your workers will stumble upon the Golden Temple! Like the temples included in the base game, the Golden Temple tile will reward players who place the most workers adjacent to it. Aim for first place to earn 8 points from this opulent wonder!

With the Big Market Mini Expansion, selling your cacao fruits is even more lucrative than before. Use the Big Market tile to get 5 gold apiece for your cacao, above the usual market values (2 through 4) included in the base game. 



Keep the mental cogs turning over winter break with this puzzly tile-stacking game! Enjoy NMBR 9 with loved ones or carve out some time for solo play and beat your high score. With two new expansions, there are all new ways to complete the puzzle.

The Starting Tiles Mini Expansion adds four unique tiles to vary your puzzles even more from game to game. During setup, give each player a starting tile. Since everyone starts with a different base, every puzzle is bound to turn out differently.

Incorporate the Extra Tiles Mini Expansion for more flexibility throughout the game! Each player starts with a personal supply of 2 additional tiles. After placing the tile for the current round, you have the option to place one of the tiles from your supply (within usual placement rules). Get puzzling and see how your tiles stack up against the competition!


The Voyages of Marco Polo

If you’re traveling this month, take a page out of Marco Polo’s book. You’ve already seen The New Characters Mini Expansion, but we have one more mini expansion for you to continue the legacy of the great traveler in The Voyages of Marco Polo.

There are new ways to get from A to B in the Secret Paths Mini Expansion! Secret city connections allow you to move about the board while skirting the usual costs of the travel action. Obtain secret paths only you can use, or sell your secrets to acquire more goods, camels, or gold. This expansion also includes a new character, André de Longjumea, whose special ability allows you to gain a new secret path every round.


And more!

Need more features for your luxury railways to surpass the Oriental Express? Incorporate two new modules into your games of First Class. The Module F Mini Expansion adds storage cards and factories to upgrade your railroad cars, and the Module G Mini Expansion brings in a new face: the Magician! 

And what would Stone Age be without the great woolly mammoth? The Stone Age: Mammoth Herd Mini Expansion introduces another way to gain resources and build your village! Tame mammoths to earn bonuses and additional points at the end of the game.

All of these expansions are available now, so make sure to order yours in time for the holidays! Happy Gaming!