20 October 2020 Paleo

Announcing Paleo

Embark on a prehistoric cooperative adventure

A new day dawns in the Stone Age. Not only must your tribe fight for survival, but slowly and steadily your mind has wandered to the question of your legacy. You dream of completing an artistic masterpiece, one that will outlive you and remind the generations to come that you were here. But still, dangers abound—animals, storms, and other hostile tribes await you in the wild. Will you survive long enough to see your project completed?

Announcing Paleo, a cooperative survival adventure! Take on the roles of a prehistoric people filled with fierce warriors, clever inventors, and watchful scouts. Only by working together can you survive to see your masterful cave painting completed.

Try the game on Tabletopia, and preorder Paleo online or through your local game store today. 


Paleo is played in a series of day and night phases, continuing until you reach one of two ends: either you gather five victory tokens and complete your masterpiece to win, or you suffer five skull tokens and immediately lose. In prehistoric times, the stakes are as high as life and death!

The key to success is careful exploration. During the day phase, each player resolves cards to explore different locations or to complete different actions. The card type—mountains, forests, people, ideas, hazards, and more—will give you some indication of what you might find there, but you never know what may be lurking in the shadows. The forests, rivers, and mountains around you hold the resources you need to craft tools, feed your people, and work slowly toward your cave painting’s completion, but they may also reveal unexpected dangers. Likewise, hazard cards will almost surely give you a negative outcome, but it’s possible you might gain an unexpected reward too. 

When you set up the game, you’ll choose which modules to play with, and different combinations will lead to different encounters. Whether you use the suggested combinations or select a new one of your own, you’re bound to have unique adventures any time you play. Modules also vary in difficulty, so be ready for a real challenge as you explore each set!


During the night phase, exploration pauses and your people must rest and recover before another new day! Make sure you have gathered enough food throughout the day phase to feed them, or you’ll take one skull token per head.

You must also come together to resolve mission cards, paying costs as a group or paying the price—more skull tokens. Any action cards with moon symbols must also be dealt with, or your tribe will suffer similar losses. Make sure to gather what you need during the day to prepare for the special hazards that await in the dark of the night.

The last step is to refresh cards and start the next day anew. Will you survive the prehistoric wilderness long enough to write your legacy, or will your tribe fade into obscurity? Try the game on Tabletopia and preorder Paleo wherever board games are sold!

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