28 February 2020 Plaid Hat Games

Mice and Mystics, Stuffed Fables, and Aftermath Join the Z-Man Games Catalog

Plaid Hat Games passes the baton

With the news of Plaid Hat Games’ return to their origins as an independent game studio (read the official press release here), we are delighted to announce that we’ll be welcoming some of their past releases into our catalog at Z-Man. Joining our range of games are Battlelands, Tail Feathers, Mice and Mystics (including its two expansions), and Adventure Book Games Stuffed Fables and Aftermath. Plaid Hat has published many fantastic games, and we’re eager to take up the torch to support them.

“Z-Man Games has long admired Plaid Hat’s innovative spirit,” says Steve Kimball, Z-Man Games Head of Studio. “Their games have made their mark on our staff, from a tense game of Dead of Winter during a cabin retreat to watching the twinkle in our children’s eyes as they take on the persona of adorable, anthropomorphic, swashbuckling mice. The entire team is thrilled to be the new home of the Adventure Book games and continue to support them as well as explore new possibilities in that space.

“And, on a personal note, it’s been a real privilege for me to get to know Colby, Jerry, and Isaac over the past several years—not only as creative professionals, but also as true industry friends. Now that Colby’s back to his indie roots as a small business owner, I can’t wait to see what Plaid Hat comes up with next!”