17 March 2020 Events

An Organized Play Update for 2020

Due to the escalating public health crisis, we will postpone our Carcassonne and Pandemic tournament seasons

As the public health crisis driven by COVID-19 continues to escalate here in the United States and abroad, it is vital that we take measures to protect our players, partners, and staff as we head into the Organized Play and convention season. Due to the nature of our program, which draws players to events at stores and conventions throughout the year, we are taking extra precautions for the safety of our gaming community.

In line with the social distancing measures that many local and national governments are taking at this time, we feel it is the best course of action to postpone both our Carcassonne and Pandemic Survival tournaments for 2020. We plan to resume our normal tournament season in 2021, when we expect travel and other community restrictions will have lessened.

We recognize that many stores and conventions have already purchased Regional kits for this year’s Reign of Cthulhu tournaments; those orders will be honored, and you will be able to run Regional events with those same kits in 2021 when the normal season resumes.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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