28 March 2020

Pandemic in the Era of COVID-19

A time for cooperation and hope

Please read this message from Steve Kimball, Z-Man Games’ Head of Studio, regarding the current global health crisis. 

Right now, we are in the midst of an event that has upended our daily lives. With the novel coronavirus, we are witnessing a real-world situation play out that is far more daunting than any game of Pandemic. Designer Matt Leacock once told me that the core premise of Pandemic was celebrating humanity’s triumph over adversity, each game telling a unique tale of unsung heroes working tirelessly to overcome a critical challenge. We are extremely grateful to all the healthcare providers and public servants who are working around the clock to save lives. 

Since the COVID-19 countermeasures encourage social distancing, we’ve had lots of gamers with Pandemic on their mind reach out to us on social media: posting photos of playing games, tagging us, and asking specific questions about upcoming Pandemic releases. Out of respect for those affected by the current situation, we are choosing to wait for a more appropriate time to share details. 

For now, our focus is on standing united with the global community against this threat. To do our part to contribute to the humanitarian efforts, we have chosen to donate to an organization currently supporting COVID-19 relief. If you would like to join us in donating, we encourage you to research relief organizations and make whatever contribution you can.

While not everyone can donate, we support efforts to slow the spread of the virus by exercising good hygiene and cleaning practices, social distancing, following your local government’s health and travel mandates, and staying informed. For more information, refer to the CDC and WHO websites, who actively post regular updates. 

May our appreciation of this tabletop hobby that we love provide us all with some pleasant distractions over the coming weeks; most importantly, may you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe through this challenging time. 

Steve Kimball