1 April 2020 Love Letter

Announcing Love Letter: Sender

A free Love Letter print-and-play with a modern twist

Introducing Love Letter: Sender, a print-and-play version of the classic Love Letter remade for the modern world!

The original characters of Love Letter never had to brave the frontier of online dating. Courtship amounted to delivering one missive into the hands of a certain princess—a simpler time, to be sure.

Today, messaging couldn’t be more instant, and you’ll encounter unique obstacles to finding love. Between you and your Perfect Match are peculiar characters, duplicitous Catfishes, and confusion galore! The perils of dating have never been more perilous.

There are Fish Guys showing off their enormous catches who might not be catches themselves. Some profiles are made up of exclusively Group Photos, while some are obviously photoshopped. A dog picture could be the first sign of Puppy Love… but is it really their dog?

It’s a confusing world out there, but you know you’ll be okay as long as you can find that Perfect Match. Once you’ve found them, don’t let them go! And watch out for The Ghost—they could make that connection vanish in an instant.

And remember, true love comes to those who stay in the game. Each turn, draw a card and play one of the two cards in your hand. Avoid matches that are wrong for you and stay in it to the end of the round for a chance to win a match token. Win enough match tokens, and you’ll win the game!

Are you ready to send a more modern love letter? Play Love Letter: Sender and try your hand at courtship in its modern form!


To play Love Letter: Sender, simply print the cards (available for download here), cut them out, and gather some tokens of your choice. Follow the rules for play and setup from Love Letter and you’re ready to go!

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