Assemble Your Team of Heroes

Preview the Hero deck in Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game

An epic battle for the fate of the universe is about to take place, and only you can determine its outcome! In Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game, one player assumes the role of the Mad Titan Thanos, determined to find the six Infinity Stones and, with them, ultimate power. But a courageous group of heroes are assembling to stand in his way. While Thanos searches for the Infinity Stones, 1-5 other players must call upon the powers of iconic Marvel heroes and work together to stop him!

Featuring elegant, easy-to-learn gameplay based on the original Love Letter, Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game is an epic battle between a powerful enemy and daring heroes trying to save the world as we know it. Players take turns around the table drawing a card and playing a card, the hero team attempting to knock Thanos’s life points down to zero before he can find the Infinity Stones or do the same deadly damage to them.

But how do you defeat such a powerful enemy? Let’s dive into the Hero deck and some of the strategic combinations that will help you defeat Thanos before the universe is irreparably changed!

The 2-1 Punch

As Thanos plots his next moves, gathering information about the cards in his hand is key to foiling his plans. If you know what steps he'll take next, you can play a 1. You'll get more than one chance with three 1 cards in the hero deck: Nebula, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord. Playing a 1 card on your turn allows you to guess a number you believe Thanos has in his hand. If you’re correct, you defeat the card and knock Thanos down a life point!

But how will you know what cards Thanos has in his hand? That’s where the 2 comes in—aka Black Widow, Gamora, or Ant-Man & Wasp. When you play a 2, choose a teammate to secretly peek at a card in Thanos’s hand. While you won’t get to learn that information yourself, if your teammate can play a 1 on their next turn, you're one step closer toward defeating Thanos and winning the game.

Power Up & Fight!

While staying ahead of Thanos’s schemes is important, it wouldn’t be a battle without throwing a few punches! On your turn, when you play a 3—Captain America, Hulk, or Thor—you may choose to fight Thanos with the other card in your hand. Maybe you have a high card, or you suspect that Thanos has a lower one. When you fight, you’ll pick one of the two cards in Thanos’s hand at random to square off against. Whichever card is higher defeats the lower card, and whoever is defeated takes the blow. Use your skills of deduction and what information you have about Thanos’s cards to strike at his weak points, and you’ll turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Thanos has some powerful cards, so sometimes you’ll need a boost from an ally (or yourself) to defeat him. When you play a 4—Black Panther, Falcon, or Doctor Strange—take one power token and give it to any hero player, including yourself. Choose carefully to make the best use of your extra strength, and keep in mind that giving yourself a token could signal that you’re prepping yourself for a fight.

Making the Play

Remember: you’re not fighting alone! Teamwork and coordinated play will be key to beating Thanos for good. While you can’t reveal your hand or discuss plans aloud with your allies, some cards will help set your team up for certain sequences.

When it comes to forming a plan, nothing beats a 5 card. Use Scarlet Witch’s or Vision’s abilities to look at the top 3 cards of the Hero deck, and then put them back in any order. By doing so, you’ll know what the next 3 card draws will be, giving you the opportunity to set up a play.

If you’d rather tag a teammate to send into battle, play a 6—Iron Man or Captain Marvel. Playing a 6 on your turn allows you or another hero player of your choice to initiate a fight with Thanos. The 6 is also the strongest card in the Hero deck, so it might be worth keeping in your hand for the next time you find yourself going toe to toe with the Mad Titan (and maybe throw a power token in there, just in case).

If you find yourself across the table from Thanos, play to the strengths of your teammates and work together to find an effective strategy. Only by coordinating your abilities can you defeat him before he gains ultimate power!

Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game will be available this summer. Preorder now and assemble your team for an epic battle!