11 June 2020 Infinity Gauntlet

Seek the Infinity Stones

Preview the Thanos player’s cards and abilities in Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game

The fate of the universe is at stake in Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game. While one player assumes the role of the Mad Titan Thanos seeking the six Infinity Stones, the other players assemble heroes to stop him. Whose hand will win the day?

Based on the elegant, easy-to-learn gameplay of the original Love Letter, Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game is a simple card game that packs an epic punch. Players take turns around the table drawing a card, and then playing a card. The heroes win if they can knock Thanos’s life down to zero, but if Thanos defeats them first or finds all six Infinity Stones, he wins with a snap of his fingers.

While the Hero deck is full of iconic Marvel heroes, the Thanos deck is full of cunning minions, powerful Infinity Stones, and a card for Thanos himself. As the Thanos player, can you use these abilities to ensure your victory?


Though Thanos is extremely powerful, he doesn’t work alone. As the Thanos player, you can call upon the Black Order and your subservient Outriders to do your bidding.

Your two Outriders are both 1s, and they are especially useful when you already have some knowledge about the hero players’ cards. When you play an Outrider, choose one of the opposing players and guess a number. If they are holding a card matching that number, then that card is defeated, and the heroes lose one life.

Corvus Glaive, a 2, can help you by taking out lower-numbered heroes without the risk of a fight. When you play Corvus Glaive, choose an opponent. If that player is holding a card whose number is 3 or lower, then that card is defeated.

Just as the hero players will initiate fights with you, you can use fighting to your advantage, stymieing their efforts and inching ever closer to winning.

When you call upon Black Dwarf, a 3 card, you can choose to fight one of your opponents. If you do, compare one of the cards in your hand with the opposing player’s card; whichever one is lower is defeated, and that team loses a life. Unlike when a hero player initiates the fight, you’ll be able to choose which of the two cards in your hand you’ll send into battle.

When you need some extra muscle, play Proxima Midnight. A 4 card, Proxima Midnight allows you to take a power token that will give you a +2 bonus in your next fight. A well-timed power boost could make the difference between winning and losing the battle (or even the war!), so use them strategically to knock the heroes out of the running.

The last of your minions, Ebony Maw, is a 5. When you play Ebony Maw, draw a card, and then choose 1 of the 3 cards in your hand to place on the bottom of your deck. Use this ability to replace a lower card in your hand, hide a card that a hero player has seen, or speed up your search for Infinity Stones.


There are two ways the Thanos player can win: by knocking the Hero players’ life down to zero, or by finding all six Infinity Stones and snapping their fingers. Not only are the Infinity Stones key to winning, but they also have powerful effects that the Thanos player can use to beat back the opposing team.

The Infinity Stones’ abilities will look similar to the minions’, only packing a bigger punch. For instance, the Mind Stone is a 1 card, like the Outrider, but the Mind Stone’s effect is even more powerful. When it is played, guess a number. If any hero players have a card of that number, all of those cards are defeated, causing the heroes to lose a life per defeated card. Used at the right time with the right information, the Mind Stone could send you leaps and bounds ahead of your opponents.

Like Corvus Glaive, the Soul Stone is a 2 and can help you defeat a single opposing player. When the Soul Stone is played, choose an opponent, and if that player is holding a card numbered 3 or higher, it is defeated. If you see a hero player taking a power token and preparing themselves for a fight, take them out preemptively with the Soul Stone.

The Space Stone, similar to Black Dwarf, is a 3, and its effect will send you into battle with the heroes. When you play the Space Stone, you may choose an opponent and initiate a fight with them. What makes the card even more powerful is that after the first fight, you can choose to fight another player, potentially causing twice the damage.

Like Proxima Midnight, the Power Stone is a 4 and can give you a boost in your next fight. When played, take 3 power tokens instead of just 1. Use the card to steel yourself against the heroes’ attacks or bolster your strength in advance of your own destructive crusade.

The Reality Stone is a 5, and its ability is twice as effective as Ebony Maw. When you play the Reality Stone, draw 2 cards instead of 1, and then place any 2 cards on the bottom of the Thanos deck in any order you choose. When played later in the game, this could be your final, fate-sealing tactic in your bid to find all six Infinity Stones.

As the only 6 in the Thanos deck, the last stone has no minion equivalent—the Time Stone. When it is played, it allows you to copy the effect of any of the cards already played or discarded in front of you, minion or Infinity Stone.


At a value of 7, the final card in the game is the mighty Thanos himself. While the Thanos card cannot be played in front of you, it is extremely effective at fighting due to its sheer strength. Thanos outmatches any hero card in a fair fight, and he is completely unbeatable in battle when combined with a power token.

Unlike the Hero deck and Thanos’s ranks of minions, if any of the Infinity Stones or the Thanos card are defeated, they are not discarded! After drawing up to replace the defeated card, it should be shuffled back into the Thanos deck—and the search for the Infinity Stones carries on.

Will you defeat the heroes and find all six Infinity Stones as Thanos? Or will the heroes thwart your schemes before you can see them through? Join the epic battle when Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter™ Game releases this summer!