27 March 2021 Pandemic

2021 Organized Play Update

In-person and virtual updates

We held out hope as long as we could, but with the ongoing health crisis leaving in-person conventions in flux and the complexities of international travel for a World Championship still being a big question mark, we have decided to cancel the 2021 Pandemic Survival season. The safety of our players, partners, and staff must come first.

For those Lovecraft fans who were itching to beat the Old Ones, fear not! Even though we are canceling the events for 2021, our plan is to forge ahead with Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu as the Survival game for the 2022 competitive season. Until then, keep on practicing with your teammate using the tournament rules so you’re ready to crush the competition when Survival resumes.

If you’re a retailer who purchased the Reign of Cthulhu OP kits, please hold onto those so you can participate in the Pandemic Survival 2022 season. If you’re interested in purchasing a kit in preparation for the 2022 season, please reach out to your sales rep with Asmodee.

We are hoping that 2022 is safe enough to resume this fantastic tradition of bringing the Pandemic fanbase together to celebrate the game through the unique cooperative tournament format.

In the meantime, we encourage fans to try the Pandemic Survival format virtually! We’ve uploaded a free scenario which you can find here. You’ll want to find someone to act as your Game Master to run the scenario. Then teams of 2 will compete and each team will need their own copy of the game. The Game Master will tell you what cards to pull from your player deck after each turn and the Game Master will be running the one infection deck, telling you which cities to infect each turn.

Matt Leacock ran a virtual Survival event using Zoom and you can read his tips and tricks on his blog here.

We hope you have fun trying the scenario and we’ll see you in 2022!