17 June 2021 Pandemic

A New Challenge

Mutation cards introduce more challenging effects to your game

Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America introduced Crisis Cards to give players new and unexpected challenges to overcome. In that same vein, Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe brings forth a new challenge known as Mutation Cards with lasting effects that increase the danger of the viruses in play.

Lasting Effects

Mutation Cards live up to their name. They mutate the viruses into something far more dangerous. Like the diseases, there are red, blue, and yellow mutation cards. The color determines which disease the mutation affects, and, since they are mixed into the player card deck, you never know when a new challenge will pop up. However, unlike the crisis cards that have an immediate effect and are then discarded, mutation cards stay in effect until their disease is cured, making the game more difficult for longer periods of time.

Harder to Treat

If you thought that you could keep the disease mutations under control by simply treating them the way you normally do, think again. The Resistant to Treatment mutation cards increase the resistant nature of the diseases, forcing you to use two actions instead of one to successfully remove cubes when treating a city.

More Aggressive

In addition to more resistant diseases, some of the mutation cards increase the aggressiveness of the infection stage. The Asymptomatic Carriers mutation cards will add two cubes to a city upon infection if no cubes are present, while the Highly Contagious mutation card will force you to draw additional city cards for infection. This causes outbreaks to be a far more likely scenario in a game where time is already not on your side.

Can you and your team eradicate these stronger, more aggressive virus mutations? Find out by ordering Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe online or wherever board games are sold.

If you already own Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America, you can experience a new challenge by combining it with Hot Zone - Europe using the Hemisphere rules.