30 June 2021 Pandemic

Pandemic Coming to Board Game Arena

Play the acclaimed cooperative board game on BGA’s streamlined platform

Board Game Arena, one of the top rated platforms to play your favorite board games online, is adding another of Z-Man Games’ top titles to its library. Pandemic joins the likes of Carcassonne, Stone Age, and many others as it makes its way into the Board Game Arena space for both you and your friends to enjoy.

Utilizing Board Game Arena’s user friendly interfaces and streamlined platform, you and your friends can now team up online to eradicate viruses using the unique characters and abilities you’ve come to know and love from your very own copy of Pandemic. If you are new to the Pandemic line of games, then this is the perfect place for you to start, as Board Game Arena’s interface is not only easy to navigate, it boasts a fantastic tutorial that will have you playing like a pro in no time.

For those familiar with Pandemic, this version of the game will make you feel right at home. The rules are the same as the tabletop version, and Board Game Arena keeps track of what has been done and shows players what is available to them moving forward. For those looking for an authentic experience online, this is it.

Veterans of the series will know, and newcomers will soon learn, Pandemic is a game where cooperative gameplay is the key to succeeding. Luckily, Board Game Arena comes fully equipped with online capabilities, ensuring that you and your friends around the world can log on, set up, and begin playing in just a few moments.

While multiplayer is often the preferred way to play Pandemic, it isn’t the only way. For those who just want to log in and start up a solo game, Board Game Arena has the solo rules fully integrated and ready to go.

Are you ready to take your Pandemic game online? Then head over to Board Game Arena and get a game started today, and don’t forget to check out our Pandemic line of games for your home collection!

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