A Colorful Array

Life is beautiful beneath the branches with Arboretum. A prize-winning arboretum is home to many trees of glorious natural colors and transports its visitors to a veritable paradise in the shade it offers. Creating such a beautiful environment is no simple task, nor is mapping the paths its visitors may take to appreciate such beauty. 

Cultivating Beauty

The 80-card deck contains ten different species of tree—cassia, dogwood, jacaranda, olive, lilac, magnolia, maple, royal poinciana, oak, willow—each designated by a different color and number. (The number of trees used depends on the number of players.) Two to four players then create a hand of seven cards from the available deck, and take turns choosing the cards they wish to plant as part of their arboretum. Once the deck is exhausted, players determine final scores based on the longest path each player has that begins and ends in a particular color. Choose your trees and where to plant them wisely. The delicate balance of nature that you cultivate will determine who has created the most sumptuous arboretum.