Loyalty Only Goes So Far

In comic books, movies, and fantasy novels, the forces of Good usually eke out a win over Evil. Once the minions and monsters slither back to the darkness, there's a Dark Overlord demanding to know why their plans fell apart. In Aye, Dark Overlord!, you are a minion in service to the dread Rigor Mortis… and he's not happy that his latest plan has failed. Compete with other players to give your best excuses to this unforgiving master in hopes of escaping blame—and punishment! You'll each use Action cards to sabotage each other as everyone builds excuses around Hint cards, all while trying to avoid the Dark Overlord's Withering Looks and live to serve another day.

Survival Requires Quick Wits

Aye, Dark Overlord! The Red Box is a re-release of the original 2005 Fantasy Flight Games version. Players who've been groveling as minions or ruling with an iron fist as the Dark Overlord Rigor Mortis will already be familiar with this version. It's a complete game on its own, but you can double the fun by expanding it with the new Action and Hint cards included in The Green Box. Both editions have the same dimensions and card backs, so no need to worry if the cards match. Instead, you can focus on playing just the right Action card at the perfect time to turn the Dark Overlord's ire to someone else!