Gain Grandeur from a Humble Beginning

Designed by Christian Marcussen, creator of Merchants and Marauders, each players will help guide a small, single settlement in its rise to a glorious empire in Clash of Cultures. Send Settlers to build new bastions of civilization in the wild, defend your cities from barbarians and the armies of your competition, and advance your cultural agenda within the walls of your fellow players’ cities. Find out who among you will build a beacon of culture to shine throughout the ages!


Tame the Wilderness and Lead Your People

Send your settlers out into the wide, wild world in order to make your mark on the landscape. Explore uncharted woodlands and sail the oceans to find resources so that you may feed your people and help them flourish. Work to build up your settlements into grand cities, but keep your citizens safe, well-fed and happy. The mood of the city affects your resources, so keep your people prosperous by defending them from invading armies, and take care to not over-tax your population’s resources.


Advance Your Culture and Influence Neighbors

The culture that you cultivate in your cities is vitally important to your success in the world. Forty-eight unique Advances bring technological and social innovations to the people you lead. Perhaps you’ll develop techniques to gather more resources and keep your followers happy, or maybe you’ll look into how your city may more easily influence or invade your neighbors. Focus your efforts on furthering your culture’s contributions to Philosophy or maybe just become the leader in basic Sanitation. All your advances will help your cities remain safe havens for your cultural contributions. Some will make it easier to fend off invaders, or even change the color of another player’s city pieces to your own as you spread your cultural influence.


Wonders and Winning

Great peoples have previously their mark on the world by crafting extraordinary monuments as long-standing testaments to their skills and stability as an empire. Build towering pyramids to remember your lineage, or gather the world’s grandest library. These great buildings gain great power for your people and will grant you a serious edge on the competition. At the end of six rounds, players take stock of the strides they’ve made, and the player who has netted the most points from their efforts wins! Build as best you can for the people you lead and leave your mark on the world in Clash of Cultures!