How to Buy the Wedding Edition

If you or someone you know is getting married, Love Letter Wedding Edition is the perfect gift to celebrate the event!

If you’re interested in buying Love Letter Wedding Edition, email [email protected] with the subject line “Love Letter: Wedding [insert name of couple getting married]” and provide the following information in the body of the email so that we can process your order:

  • First and last name
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Photo of the wedding invitation
  • Number of copies you wish to purchase

A Celebration of Love

Love Letter Wedding Edition is a special version of the classic card game. The bag, the card templates, and tokens have been changed to reflect the wedding theme. Instead of her usual blue gown, the Princess is now attired in a gorgeous wedding dress, ready to walk down the aisle to the suitor who wins her heart. Carefully use the cast of characters in the castle to carry your message of love, while keeping other player's letters away. Successfully carry your letter to the Princess and win her affection in a game of risk, deduction, and luck.