Once Upon a Time…

Nine hundred years have passed since it was first prophesized that a hero of royal blood, arrayed in the armor of the Ancient Kings, would emerge to end the days of darkness. No hero has appeared in all this time, yet whispers now spread that the heir of the last prince walks among the common people. Prophecy is a board game for two to five players in which you are an adventurer who sets out to prove that royal blood runs in your veins. Choose from among ten character options—including the stoic ranger, wise druid, or noble paladin—then quest in search of Ancient Artifacts that will confirm your birthright. Along the way, you will encounter a world of brigands, thieves, demons, and undead. Gather your strength, rise to the challenge, and claim the throne!

Fulfill Your Destiny

Prophecy incorporates elements of classic role-playing games into a board game that can be played in a single session. Throughout your quest, your character can learn new skills and spells, improve mentally and physically, buy new items, and discover lost treasures. Travel the world performing heroic deeds and working through Adventure cards to gain experience and improve your character. When you’re strong enough, enter the Astral Planes and face the guardians in a final battle for the Ancient Artifacts. But act quickly, for you are not the only adventurer seeking the throne. Use clever tactics and your character’s skills and magical powers to reach the Astral Planes before your rivals. Only one is destined to fulfill the prophecy!